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    I am wondering if anyone has used both programs and can compare.  Currently my high schooler is using Rosetta Stone, only because it was given to me.  I like it, it is easy for me and doable for him.  I am thinking of adding in the Speaking Spanish book during family time. I thought it may be more fun if we were all learning Spanish together and could have conversations. Does anyone know if that would work? or would I be killing him trying to get him to do a second Spanish program? I am giving him high school credit so I don’t thinking the Speaking Spanish would be quite enough, but would it make a nice supplement?


    We have used both.  I think it would make a nice supplement to Rosetta Stone.  Speaking Spanish isn’t overly time consuming.


    Speaking Spanish… is nice for the whole group of children and I don’t think it would add stress to the high schooler.  I use it with our children and my sister’s children, and we love it.

    For the high school age kids we use Breaking the Spanish Barrier, but we are not totally pleased with it.  It is a worktext written to the student, but it is working out to be very mom/teacher time-consuming.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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