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    I want my kids and myself to be able to understand and speak Spanish.  I am failing though.  I thought something simple, in small chunks, daily would do it.  Guess what it’s been a whole year.  We are working on it 4 days a week and I don’t think any of us really know any more than we did before we began.  The book is 36 lessons and we’ve been taking 2 weeks to work on each lesson and you guessed it we are only on lesson 14.  We are never going to get 1 yr, yet alone 2 years in for foreign language.

    I think the problem is that we all learn differently (not a problem just can’t find one that covers all types of learners).  What I have now is a workbook and CD.  Both are good but it leaves those of us visual learners needing more.  Also, learning words, just words is so blahhhh.

    Does anyone have a program that covers all the needs: visual, audio, a way to make sentences come alive (if possible) and a book to follow along?  Also, I don’t have hundreds to spend on one program, I’m sorry I just don’t.  What are you using and why are you loving it?  Thanks for any help.  Misty


    We’ve liked La Clase Divertida. It has 3 yrs of Spanish available and is geared for elementary and middle school.



    I am a Spanish teacher in an independent school and I have been teaching PreK through 6th grade. for the younger ones I like Qtalk, its visual and you get results quickly. For older kids I love Duolingo it is free and I think of it as similar to Rosetta Stone .


    Thanks I will look into it.  Anyone else have suggestions??


    Learnables has worked great for me and all my kids so far … With various learning styles.  I’ve used it off and on for more than 12 years now.  I’m intrigued by the Cherrydale program, but haven’t tried it yet.


    Hector Feliciano

    We are going to try Flip Flop Spanish next year.  Cathy Duffy’s review states, “Catherine Levison, author of A Charlotte Mason Education, recommends Flip Flop Spanish for those seeking a Charlotte Mason approach to foreign language.”  You can find it here: After we make it through that, we are going to try: The Easy Spanish for Homeschoolers.  It claims to follow the Charlotte Mason Method.  You can find it here: I hope that gives you a couple of options.  I don’t have any personal experience with either yet, but I thought I would let you know what I had found in my own search.


    Has anyone tried the SCM suggested Cherrydale program???

    What are your thoughts?

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