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    Has anyone used the Spanish programs at the Easy Peasy All in One site?   I really want to buy the Cherrydale Press books but will need something in addition to it for the older children – my dd 8th gr, my nephew 9th gr, and my niece 11th grade.  And free would be good. I have decided against Duolingo.


    I am a high school Spanish teacher at a Homeschool co-op and one of my students told me of her experience with the Easy Peasy All in One Spanish curriculum. That particular student is one of my best, very dedicated and hardworking. She said that she found Easy Peasy Spanish to be a waste of time. It focused way too much time on Latin and not enough on Spanish. When she tried to move to a Spanish 2 curriculum, she found she wasn’t ready at all and had to move back to Spanish 1 using a different curriculum.

    In my Spanish classes I use the book Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish. Students seem to do well with it and it is very inexpensive. I also assign Destinos Videos (see below) and reading assignments.

    The following are free resources I’ve seen that look good (and have audio support, in case you’re not fluent):

    Mi vida loca- Interactive Introduction to Spanish. Good for conversational Spanish using everyday situations. Has the European Spanish pronunciation. I’ll be using this for a conversational Spanish class next school year.

    Language Transfer- uses cognates and oral exercises. I’ve recommended this to my students. I think it would help with thinking in Spanish, rather than thinking in English and translating to Spanish.

    Destinos- This series is like a telenovela. The videos are free and there are online practice exercises. Textbooks could be purchased to go along, but I’ve never seen or used them.

    You could use the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language (ACTFL) Can Do statements to determine progress:

    I hope this helps!


    Oh, thank you. I am glad you replied. Thank you for all the info as well.


    You’re welcome!

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