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    When we started school last year SCM was still on the old modules. We were doing the old Module 6. We schooled all the way up till the baby was born. I wasn’t really expecting him to come so early. So we ended up only getting to the end of the Civil War and started touching on Lincoln.

    I have been planning next year and in my mind since last year I had been planning on starting with Module 1. But, as I laid in bed last night I was reminded of how the modules had changed and was curious to see where they had been separated (at 1 am I couldn’t seem to remember…LOL!!!). So, today I was actually surprised to realize that the new Module 6 picks up pretty close to where we left off.

    So I have been trying to decide if we should just continue into the new module or go with Module 1 which I had been planning on. I am leaning towards Module 6 since this would be my oldest last chance to go through this time period before he would graduate. I guess I really need to let go of my previous plans and work on planning Module 6 rather than Module 1.

    But, what to do?? There is not a guide for Module 6!!!!!

    What says ye?


    Shanna, no one else has answered and I just want to give you an online hug. You are working so hard to make things right for your children!

    I don’t know for sure what to tell you, except to pray. But I can try to help you “think through” a little bit.

    One thing–it is really NICE to rotate perfectly through history, covering everything a nice, neat twice. But it is not absolutely necessary. Your kids will still be OK, if they can read, research, love learning, have good habits–they will be FINE, even if you NEVER teach WWI. Really!

    OK. Scenario 1–you decide you really, really want to continue with your plans for the fall and do module 1. You want to “cover the gap” still, though. What about getting a fairly basic resource, like Story of the World 4, and just reading it over the summer and discussing a little bit? Maybe tack on a movie for, say, WWI, WWII, do a little family history (showing what was going on when Mommy was born, and Grandma, etc.) Keep it simple but just go over it, so your oldest has at least heard of Woodrow Wilson, etc.

    Scenario 2–you really want to cover Module 6 and do a good job of it. But there is no guide. Still, YOU CAN DO THIS! Sonya’s guides are very nice and helpful, but you can peg out a simple study–again, use some kind of spine to help you out, add in books from various topics that you’d like to read. Probaby one or more of us can help you find an activity book or two. You’ll have to do a little work, setting up when you want to do what, but I still think you could do it. You could ask questions as needed and you could do it.

    Now, tonight, I want you to study this out the best you can, and then leave it with the Lord so you can get some much needed sleep. It will come out all right.





    Thank you for your post.

    I should have put “LOL!!” after not having the guide. I was just kidding!! I know I can figure out what to put where and find my spines.

    As for being awake at that time of night. Well…that seems to have become a regular occurrence lately. It has been a very stressful 4 months and the stress and not sleeping is really creeping up on me.

    We have not done a study on modern history yet so I think that is the route we are going to take. I will definitely be asking lots of questions over the next month or so as I get things worked out.

    You have been such a help and I hope I can soon return that kindness to others here on the forum.

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