So, have everyone started planning for the next school year yet?

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    If you have what are you planning to use for all of the grade levels that you will be teaching?  Thanks


    Yes, I have. I will have a first grader and a preschooler. Here’s what I’ll be using:

    Bible-Penny Gardner’s list of readings

    History-various library books on early American history

    Science-library books on topics to be determined. We will be starting with big cats for about six weeks, but after that I don’t know.

    Reading-various easy readers such as Frog and Toad and Little Bear

    Language Arts-some general copywork, games, library books on specific concepts (nothing formal)

    Math-workbooks from Sam’s and Wal-Mart, worksheets from kidzone (if needed), games and some hands-on stuff (espec for measuring)

    Poetry=Poems and Prayers for the Very Young; A Child’s Garden of Verses

    Aesop’s fables, Book of Virtues, SCM Module 1 for Scripture memory, picture study, composer study (with Classics for Kids website)

    Either read-aloud from Literature Module 1 or the Little House series


    Yes, I’ve begun and so far…

    • Bible, History, Geography
    • SCM Module 4 with all of the suggested books/resources (family – 4th, 1st)
    • Book of Centuries (family)

    • English Language Skills
    • Spelling – Spelling Wisdom, Book 1 w/ OG analyzation methods for unknown words (4th)
    • Homophone Book – from AAS (4th)
    • Serl’s Intermediate Language Lessons – mostly done orally (4th)
    • McGuffy’s Reader 2 or 3 – elocution (4th)
    • Copywork from ??? (1st)
    • Book of Mottoes (4th)
    • Written Narration from Readings and perhaps some Story Starters (4th)
    • I’m checking out Write with the Best to see if it has anything I want to incorporate

    • Character Development  & Bible/Devotions – unfinished
    • Peacemaker materials (family)
    • Amazing Book of Bible Facts (1st)

    • Science
    • Apologia Elementary Anatomy – part of co-op (4th)
    • Jack’s Insects (4th or family, unsure yet)
    • Nature Study – ongoing (family)
    • Junior E.M.T. class – part of co-op (4th)
    • 106 days of creation – possibly (1st)

    • Critical Thinking – many games, puzzles, etc. and a co-op class (4th)

    • Beginner Reading
    • Alpha-Phonics (1st)
    • Pathway Readers (1st)

    • Math
    • Christian Light (4th)
    • Christian Light (1st)
    • Ray’s Arithmetic (1st & 4th)
    • SCM Pet Shop Math – possibly (4th)
    • Number Drill – computer game (1st & 4th)

    • Picture Study, Composer Study, Hymn and Folk Song Study – not picked yet, but 1-2 per term (family)

    • Extras…
    • Piano Lessons (4th)
    • Singing Lessons – if I can find a teacher (family)
    • Horseback Riding Lessons (4th)
    • Golf Lessons (1st)

    I’ve got a ways to go, but this is my head start. I still need to choose literature and iron out a few other things, but I hope to do that this week when the big kids go on a ski trip with Daddy, the almost 3 yo is at grandparents and I’m home alone with the baby. We’ll see how it goes.

    ~ Christie


    I am done picking curr. for fall and planning is one of my fav parts of homeschooling, dorky, I know, but I could do this for a living!  I love the forum b/c when I am undecided I just search the threads, google everything, and pick the best for our fam.  Works like a charm but how did people do it before computers?!  We will have a 2nd & K this fall with baby on the way and 10 yr old at school with spec needs who will be home every afternoon for the first time since she started school which will be an adjustment but I have been praying for years that she would be able to be home more but until this coming year it has not been the right fit so think of me this fall…!  Anyway, as short as possible and feel free to ask for details:

    Math-K & Primary Level 2 Singapore (used for 2 yrs now, looked into other programs this yr but still looks the best for us)

    Science-I exhausted the threads for this one.  I was all set to get into Apologia and felt really like it was now or never to try using living books exclusively and if it doesn’t work we still have time to do Apologia w/o missing much but I am using the 6 “Eyes & No Eyes” books from Yesterday’s Classics and feeling good about it.  We used and loved 106 Days this year and my kids soaked up the Thornton Burgess books so much I want to run with that love they are showing.  Also nature study and supplements (need something to show the g-parents!).

    Beginning Reading-K (and 1st) we use Veritas Press Phonics Museum and CM it where needed, 2nd-Busy Times etc per SCM

    Grammer-2nd grade- Primary Lanuage Lessons by Sheldon (also tons of googling for this decision-thanks forum friends!)

    Personal Dev-A Child’s Book of Character Building Book 2 (loving book 1 now)

    Foreign Lang-Spanish weekly, exposure via cd with some vocab lessons, also simple sign lang.

    History/Geo/Bible-Mod 2 for both kids and I want to try new this year the Draw and Write through History Greece and Rome book

    Bible Memory-SCM program but we use verses from their Wed. night classes (my youngest was only 4 this year so didn’t go and my oldest has a Sept b-day so we snuck her in the 2nd grade class with her cousins.  My 4 yr old learned all 35 verses for the 2nd grade class-does not get that skill from mom!)

    Lit/Poetry/Pict Study/Music/Hymn-Mod 2

    Shakespeare-Midsummer Night

    Narration and copywork for both, start 2nd grader in cursive if she can do it, if not quit till next year but she is asking to “write fancy”

    We add piano, a homeschool art and science class, and ice skating.  I also found an art curr I would love to buy if I can talk my husband into putting it in the budget!  (Artistic Pursuits book 1)

    Now to start purchasing (another favorite activity of mine!) and then print of my SCM planning blog posts from way back and go through them one by one all summer till we have a year planned out and I can find resources and look forward to a busy coming year!   I love looking at everyone else’s lists so I know I am not the only one out there using this method (some friends do, some don’t, some get all they need in a box set) and I can see new ideas and look into those as well so thank you so much to everyone for taking the time to post their favs.  God bless!


    Oh, I enjoy reading planning and idea posts! Smile

    I’ve started working on our next year as we go year round and will phase in to a new year in July.

    So far for 3rd grade I’m thinking that we will use:

    • Bible: our local Community Bible Study along with the first book in the Apologia worldview series-Who Is God? (I am planning to use that book while we are on CBS break), and SCM scripture memory system

    • history:  world history- a blend from SCM Module 4 and AO Year 3…in the process of reviewing books….we will most likely study some American history too-still working that out—and a Book of Centuries (finally getting a family one going now  🙂 )
    • geography:  (one per term) Tree in the Trail, Seabird, a study of Marco Polo (probably using Marco Polo for Kids–exact resource still to be determined)
    • nature study:  perpetual calendar/nature notebook (family) and individual nature journal—(possibly using Barb’s first ebook or a NaturExplorer unit or two for some guidance and inspiration….though I think I finally “get” how we should do nature study more and I might be brave and just go wherever the wind leads us…..LOL.)
    • math:  Math U See, Daily Math (Evan-Moor), Solve It! 3rd Problem Solving Strategies (AIMS)
    • latin:  Latin For Children Primer A
    • spelling/dictation:  continuing in Spelling Wisdom book 1
    • picture study-2 artists per term (still working on)
    • art: Drawing With Children and Artistic Pursuits (K-3) Book 2
    • composer study-1 composer per term (to be determined still)
    • folk songs, hymns, and patriotic songs-goal of one per month using Wee Sing Fun and Folk, Wee Sing America, Twin Sisters Celebrate America, and the Hymns for a Kids Heart (probably vol. 2 as we’ve used vol. 1 this year)
    • literature (including poetry and Shakespeare):  AO Year 3 I think (reading books now)-free reading from AO Year 3 and SCM Year 2 and 3 –using Nesbit for Shakespeare and pre-reading now to determine what we will read and AO Year 3 poets
    • natural history:  Secrets of the Woods and Christian Liberty Nature Reader 3 or 4
    • science:  Story of Inventions and Elemental Science Chemistry (dd loves science experiments and wants to work on chemistry and there are a couple of scientist biographies scheduled in amongst the experiments, though this is more WTM classical), we may also read the Apologia Elementary Anatomy book during the year and work through some of those experiments…..I’ve preordered it to review. DD is requesting to learn more about our bodies.

    I really am hoping to get everything pre-read in the next couple of months aside from books for free reading (and I want to try to read those too as I have time).  We shall see if I make it!




    2010-2011 School Plan

    Family Work

    We use the Charlotte Mason free curriculum guide.

    Bible, History, and Geography ~ Modules 1-3 with Truthquest Guides for commentary and extra reading selections
    and Mystery of History Volume 1 if the story works

    Scripture Memory ~ Verse Pack 3

    Music/Composer Study ~ Module 3

    Picture/Artist Study ~ Module 3

    Nature Study ~ Weekly Study with Notebooks

    Poetry ~ Various Poems (focus on Emily Dickinson)

    Allie Grade 9:

    See this post:

    Literature ~ Treasure Island, Kidnapped, Around the World in Eighty Days, Journey to the Center of the Earth, The Hound of the Baskervilles

    Caleb Grade 4:

    Language Arts ~ Copywork, Finish English for the Thoughtful Child 2, Spelling Wisdom 1, Story Starters, and Oral Narrations (hopefully adding a few written ones by the middle of the year)

    Typing ~ Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing

    Literature ~ At the Back North Wind, Stories of Don Quixote Written Anew for Children, Just David

    Math ~ Continue Saxon 5/4 and move into Saxon 6/5

    Bible, History, and Geography ~ Independent Readings based on the SCM Curriculum Guide for Modules 1-3

    Nature Readings ~ Christian Liberty Nature Reader 4

    Personal Development ~ Wisdom and the Millers

    Ashlyn K:

    Five in a Row Volumes 1 and 2

    Language Arts ~ Queen’s Language Lessons for Little Ones 2

    Bible, History, and Geography ~ Listen in and enjoy many stories + Big Truths for Little Kids added for Bible

    Math ~ Cuisinnaire Activities, moving into Miquon Math

    Literature Read Alouds ~ Kindergarten Gems, Aesop for Children, Charlotte’s Web, Pinocchio

    Nature Readings ~ The Burgess Animal Book

    ~ Heather



    Well, just kind of starting…

    Year 2 stuff

    Math: MEP math program

    Science:  Apologia, probably Botany

    History – not sure yet

    Canadian History – REALLY not sure yet…. any suggestions anyone?

    Scriptures – Penny Gardner scriptured stories

    Literature  – probably suggestions from Milestones Academy,  & “Canadian Wonder Tales”

    Suzuki Violin, My First Piano Adventures with some Suzuki Piano songs added

    Swimming Lessons


    Kindergarten Year

    Math – MEP Reception year (continued) – Year 1 once we get there….

    Scriptures – Penny Gardner Storied Scriptures

    Beginner Reading – “Teach your child to read in 10 minutes a day” (continued) and Dick and Jane readers (continued)

    Swim Lessons

    Suzuki Violin


    Of course there is nature study, artist study, etc.




    6th grade

    History — ancients, using Beautiful Feet as our base

    Language Arts — hodgepodge of resources

    Math — history plans plus Teaching Textbooks plus hands-on

    Science — living books study of human body, medicine, genes/dna, forensic science (created by me as we go)

    Of course artist study, composer study, hymn study, poetry study, nature study.



    Bible—SCM Scripture Memory System/Reading from Scripture/SCM Personal Development

    Science–Apologia Zoo II and It Couldn’t Just Happen

    History–Truthquest with mostly SCM books

    English Roots Up

    Greek and Art with dad

    Poetry and composers–not sure

    Shakespeare–not sure, except will use Lamb’s w/both and No Fear with eldest

    5th Grade

    Lit.—Ambleside/SCM combo


    Classical Writing

    Spelling Workout

    2nd Grade

    Primary Lang. Lessons

    Spelling Workout


    Lit—Ambleside/SCM combo

    Getting books in daily, feels like Christmas:)  Gina


    Yes I have.. though it’s great to see what everyone else is doing.  Cause now I don’t feel so back about everything I want to do on my list!!  Money is tight this year, so it’s been really hard for me.  I can only buy like one thing every couple weeks (if that).  Usually we get $$ back from taxes and I go shopping.  Not this year.  I like to have everything in hand and it’s not here.Cry  So I am learning patience more and more.  Also, dh is seeing more and more with him home what we do and it’s been nice.

    So yes we’re plannig it’s just taking abit of time.  Misty


    (((Misty))) I understand, I have to buy a few things every few weeks as well.   The great thing about using this site and AO is that we don’t have to pay alot of money for a guide that we won’t use.

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