Skipping Right Start Geometry and going right to Video Text Algebra – advice please?

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    Hi there – we are currently using RS math.  My oldest has completed level E and we have started level G (Geometry).  My plan is to begin Video Text Algebra next, and then Video Text Geometry for his high school math.  I’m leaning toward just stopping the RS Geometry and going right to Video Text Algebra, thinking the RS geometry may be unnecessary, since he will be doing a full geometry course later….any thoughts or advice?  Is there any reason to complete the RS geometry that I may have missed?

    Thanks for any input!


    Ok, not that my kids are NOT there yet….

    I do know that on the RS videos, they do recommend skipping the RS Geometry with an older student that doesn’t have time for it.  I do think there is stuff in RS Geometry that has them practicing fractions and stuff like that…  but it sounds like you can skip it if you like and your kids are developmentally ready for Algebra.


    I have friend who has used RS for many years. She told me that Video Text told her that VT covers all the geometry that in is RSG.  Her understanding is that RSG is used if the child is not ready for Algebra.  

    Oh, and my kids are not there yet either:)

    RightStart™ Mathematic’s Level G is middle school math curriculum using geometry as the condiut for learning, just like Levels A through E use the AL Abacus as the conduit for arithmetic. In Levels A through E, it’s not about the abacus, it’s about the facts. Similarily, Level G is not about geometry; it’s about the math using geometry as the medium for exploring middle school math.

    Although Level G does address all but one of the geometry topics on the ACT and SAT tests, Level G is NOT high school geometry. It uses the math learned in elementary and expandes, investigates, and builds towards deeper learning.

    There are times when we do recommend a child skip Level G. Generally, this is an older child who got a later start on their elementary mathematics, doesn’t have the time to do Level G, and needs to get into algebra. I generally recommend that child do Level G in their “spare time” because there’s so much good stuff in there, however it’s more important they get their algebra and high school geometry completed by graduation. 

    I hope this helps clarify what Level G is all about.

    Kathleen Lawler, RightStart™ Mathematics

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