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    Has anyone here used Singapore Math? We finished Right Start level A last year and have begun level B. I really like the way they teach math, I feel like the way I personally think about number has changed since teaching it last year. However, my daughter doesn’t love it. Not sure if she will really like any math program, she may just not have a super math mind. It has also felt too teacher intensive for me. It seems like it takes too long to finish a lesson. we have both been dreading it. I am interested in Singapore b/c it is also an Asian based approach to math similar to Right Start and thought it might be easier for me to teach. Anyone have any feedback on that program? Thanks in advance!


    We used Singapore only for Gr. 1for my dd. She HATED it! She had a horrible time trying to understand the way they were teaching her and came away from the year with the idea that she was stupid in math. We tried Right Start the next year, it was better, but hard for us to use and like you said, very teacher intensive. She did have some more understanding start to develop through this, though. Ultimately, the lessons took so long for us to get through (even doing only half at a time) that we were both kinda dreading each math time. I did not want her to feel that she hated math or have that type of mentality, so…now we do Math U See. We started her on Alpha in her gr. 3 year because we wanted to keep going over the beginning foundation and did not feel she had reached the point of mastery at all. We also wanted her to have her confidence built up in regards to math and conquer the mentality that she was not good in math. She did Beta this year and is able to do most lessons without much help. She understands better and feels better about her math now.

    Anyway, I hope you get some other people write in about their experience with Singapore since my post was so negative towards it! LOL! I have actually heard that a lot of kids like using it and that it is a very good math program. In fact, that is why we got it to begin with! It just was not a good fit for the way my dd thinks, I guess. Sorry if that bummed you out at all. I would recommend M.U.S, though, wholeheartedly. It has really helped the entire math outlook in our home!



    Thanks for the feedback. Maybe I just want the asian approach to math to work b/c I really like, I am a visual learner and I love being able to see numbers and group them (which I didn’t learn as a child). Maybe my daughter doesn’t think that way and I don’t need to force that style on her. My husband tried the first lesson of Khan Academy with her today and she really liked that. I’ll look into MUS, thanks!


    We hate it! I’ve tried it several times because it’s supposed to be such a fabulous program, but it does not work for us. There is a huge jumping of concepts and barely any review. I even bought the Teachers Guide that Sonlight publishes for it and I still don’t get what I’m doing. If you a natural with math it may work for you. Without the TG it has no instruction at all. 

    We are going on our 3rd year of Homeschooling and I STILL haven’t found a program that works well. 

    I’ve been looking into MUS for this upcoming year, but I look at what they do with the unit blocks and how they show number placement on some of the sample lessons for the 2nd level and I just can’t “see” what they are doing. 


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