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    I’m considering using Simply Stated and real books this year for studies with my 5th grader and Ker. My oldest son is going to do Starting Points. The thing is that It will take 2 years to go through all 50 states , plus a 4 week stint on our own state of Texas.

    Basically if I start Module 1 when she is in 7th grade, I can make it through all 6 modules with her before she graduates if I start that in 7th grade.

    I kind of just want to take it easy this year and get into the groove of a CM education without piling on ancient history. I’m just not sure she is ready for it yet. I’ve kind of “ruined” her per say with all the different curriculum switching and methodology switching.

    I was wondering if anyone has used this. We will also be keeping a notebook of our state studies and cooking 1 meal from that state per week.

    Can anyone also recommend a Bible study, since we wouldn’t be doing Ancient history?


    In Him,



    I also looked at some of the samples and there are many good books – mostly picture books. It’s meant for through 6th grade.

    I guess I’m wondering if there is a state study in SCM somewhere down the road.


    I can understand you not wanting to pile stuff on to a student who is relearning to love learning.

    I have used Simply Stated. My only beef is that it is very, very little for an upper elementary student. I used it with a kindergartner and it seemed just right. Really. I’m not at all sure I can recommend it for past second grade. Also I had a hard time finding many of the books listed; there were entire states I could not find a single one of the listed books at my library.

    Just a couple of thoughts. Like I said, I can understand your concerns with not piling on, but I’m just not sure there is “enough” in Simply Stated to keep a 5th/6th grader engaged.


    Thanks so much bookworm. this is kind of what i was thinking as well. so, back to square one. After a little “blowup” kind of thing today with my almost 8th grader, I feel the Holy Spirit leading us to keep the children all together for Bible and History. I just think it is critical at this point, for some rebuilding of relationships. So, we are going to hold off on starting points and instead use Module 1 in History, keeping our 8th, 5th, and Ker together. I’m not going to force the Ker to narrate or anything like that, just to be there with us.

    Thanks again for your input it was VERY helpful in reasurring me of what I was kind of thinking. Looking at the booklist, I thought, this would be great for a 1st or 2nd grader, but not really above that. Sort of a before five in a row thing.

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