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    Can I have some feed back on Simply Grammarby Karen Andreola? Whatdid you like/dislike about it, howmuch more grammar would be needed after? I alreadyown it along with several other programs, but thinking Insights it followed by Our mother tongue (also own)

    Also what is the advantage own knowing how to diagram? Is it so you can use the same format in your own writing?


    I like Simply Grammar. I’m using it this year with my 6th grader and used it with his older brother a couple of years ago.

    I don’t think it’s “enough.” I wouldn’t stop there. My older son did some diagramming and “Grammar with a Giggle” after Simply Grammar and is doing Our Mother Tongue this year.

    I do think there is great benefit in diagramming. For example, have you ever tried to diagram one of Paul’s long sentences in the Bible? Taking the time too look at a phrase and try to figure out where to diagram it makes you think long and hard about the sentence. Moving the phrase on the diagram alter the meaning of the sentence. So, I do insist on learning some diagramming with my kids.


    Missus Leata I agree! I was thinking the same thing about Paul’s loooong sentences. Diagramming really, really helped me better understand the NT. Classic literature tends to have complex sentences, being able to organize the sentence in your head really helps, in my opinion. We don’t diagram extensively, but we do diagram here and there when we learn a new grammar concept. We used Simply Grammar when my kids were little. We did it all together on the couch, it was fun, but not the end of grammar instruction. We use SW/ULW with a diagramming workbook on the side for “fun” occasionally.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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