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  • Leslie Bellomy

    I was wondering if the books Simply Grammar and Story Starters both by Karen Andreola were SCM books?  I love them both and I would like to incorporate them into our school year.  I have Spelling Wisdom and Using Language already for my   13 and 11 year old boys.  Would adding it be too much?  We have book 1 because we have never done CM language arts before.



    I don’t think the books you mentioned are published by SCM, although Story Starters is available through the bookstore.

    I have Simply Grammar, but I have not used it.  I may use it as an oral grammar during family work with my children ages 12, 11, 8  when we start lessons again next month.   I haven’t decided.  The back of the book says, “Simply Grammar can be used to enhance any other grammar program.”  We will be using Spelling Wisdom and Using Language Well books 1-3 as our main grammar texts.

    I began using Story Starters with my 2 older children last term.  They actually really enjoyed these exercises in creative writing.  It was just something I added to their schedule once every other week.  It wasn’t too much for us, but every family is different.

    Hopefully someone who has more experience will chime in to answer your question.



    Tamara Bell

    SCM does not sell Simply Grammar but we do sell Story Starters.  If you are using Spelling Wisdom and Using Language Well, you do not need Simply Grammar.  🙂

    I like to add Story Starters 1 day a week (sometimes every other week if we are busy).  It’s a great way for the kids to have a “creative” writing assignment.  🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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