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    Has anyone gone from English for the Thoughtful Child 1 in 2nd grade and then Simply Grammar in 3rd? Should I continue with Book 2 before I start Simply Grammar?

    Sonya Shafer

    I don’t think EFTTC Book 2 is a necessary prerequisite to doing Simply Grammar. Book 2 is very similar to Book 1 in format, so I wouldn’t think it would be a problem going to Simply Grammar whenever you’re ready to hit parts of speech.


    Thank You, that’s what I wanted to know 🙂


    I would love to hear anyone’s subjective feedback on Simply Grammar. My dd is going into 5th grade and we haven’t done any “formal” grammar yet, I just correct her as we go along. I will be more than happy to read what everyone has to say, this forum has inspired me to choose CM as the way to do all my hsing! Also, feel free to write in with your grammar recommendations if you use something other than “Simply Grammar”.

    When I first started hsing my two oldest girls (now almost 21 and 19) I had bought Understanding Writing. Although I didn’t do each and every lesson, I did take from it the idea of correcting as they go and for them to write letters. That was our “curriculum” for several years! Oh, we’d do little impromptu grammar talks, like while canning one year and called it “Canning Grammar” (dual meaning intended! LOL!)

    With the second set of little people coming along, I have not been as able to do the letter method as consistently, so I purchased the Language Lessons series from Queen Homeschool supply. I had started Serl’s Elementary and Intermediate Grammar with different ones, but it made it hard for my older girls to jump in and help when I wasn’t available. I have a friend who has 11 children, and the Language Lessons series is saving her sanity with the younger set, too! 🙂

    I still have Simply Grammar in my bookcase, and still would love to use it, but this is working for now. My 19 yodd who just graduated came to me and said she felt she didn’t really know the parts of speech solidly and wanted to know what she should use to learn it on her own–tickles me because if you read this dds writings, you would never know she didn’t know “grammar” as to the names of the parts! She obviously knew how to use them! That really proves Ruth Beechik right! Plus, she sees the need and is motivated to learn it on her own. I am not necessarily saying that’s the way to do it 😉 but when life happens, it’s not the end of the world if they don’t know the official name if they know how to use it! (Kind of like some of my piano students who can’t tell me if it’s an A or F, but they know right where to find it on the piano!)

    If you haven’t seen the Language Lessons, they are very gentle, very short lessons, and the picture study prints in the book are full color–a feast for the eyes! They are consumable and some of my friends think they’re a bit pricey, but I plan to take more than a schoolyear to complete each one, which makes them $10 a year. And they help me to cover it in a CM way that is harder for me to create on my own in this season of life. There are levels all the way to the “secondary child” which would be middle school age, I believe.

    Hope that helps! Sorry if I rambled!



    Wow! We MUST BE twins separated at birth! I also started my dd with “Understanding Writing” in the beginning. It was full of valuable information, mut I found it very dry. I was on the Queen’s website about a month ago because I found one of their “Nature Copywork” books used at my local HS bookstore! Language Lessons sounded very appealing to me, but I don’t know anyone else who had used it…it is exactly what I wanted to order, one for my dd and my ds who is 5! How funny! God used you to confirm what He planted in my heart!

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