Should I count this for High School Credit?

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  • Rachel White

    GA doesn’t require state history in high school as a part of graduation credits.  It’s an 8th grade course. I know there are other states that do.

    My son missed out finishing the course I created for him due to my df’s meltdown. Although he’s in high school, I think he should still have a course of study about his own state and, since he’s doing the work, can’t I give him an elective grade for it? Or would it look like I’m padding his transcript?

    I’ll be using Monarch’s Ga History one-semester course, labeled for use throughout high school.

    Opinions, please


    I would absolutely give him credit for it! Count it as an elective. Of course, if he has too many electives you will have to narrow it down to the best or it could look like transcript padding.


    Absolutely!  If he’s doing a high school level course, he should get credit for it.

    Rachel White

    Thank you very much. I agree.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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