Sharing Our Hymn Study Org. Copywork Plan

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    Hi Everyone:

    I feel organized and prepared for the upcoming school year when I have time to put everything together ahead of time (as I’m sure you do too!) This is the plan we followed last year and we LOVED it……actually not changing it for this year! (surprise for ME).

    I thought I’d share how I assemble to parts that go into our hymn study.

    I choose one hymn a month (roughly a term is 3 months, so we end up with nine hymns for the year).

    I copy/paste the hymn into a Word doc. Print it off for our home-made, proclicked hymn books (one per student). Add to hymns we did from previous years.

    Since we don’t know a lot of these new hymns for the upcoming year, I then add them to the already made iTunes playlist. I also add it to my phone so as we are sitting down for am family reading time, I play it then (no excuses!) and learn to sing it with the words in our personal hymn book.

    At the beginning of the month, I read about the hymn’s author in “Then Sings My Soul.”

    We also use the one hymn we are studying for the month, for copywork, one day a week.

    Since we use Spelling Wisdom, our copywork looks like this:

    M-copywork SW passage (dictation is T)

    T-copywork stanza from poem we are memorizing

    W-copywork SW passage (dictation is TH)

    TH-copywork stanza from hymn we are studying

    Hope this makes sense and helps someone out there.


    I made “hymn books” this year as well.  Ours were just a sheet of cardstock with some nice pictures added in between songs.  I like the idea of adding to it each year, but I’ll probably just make new sheets for the coming year.  I just picked our new songs, so I haven’t typed them yet.  We had a short “service” typed out as well and they liked following it.  We took turns leading the devotion.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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