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    My DS will turn 3 in March and I would like to start Scripture memorization with him. Is it too early? If not, how do you go about choosing Scriptures that are on the child’s level and how do you go about teaching it?



    I would say that your DS is not too young.  At two one of my girls knew Psalm 23 even though she couldn’t recite it all because she wasn’t talking in full sentences yet – she could fill in the blank with any word I paused at because we’d practiced it.  We had been working with her older sister – I wasn’t specifically trying to teach my 2 year old that long of a passage.  Provided your DS can speak in full sentences, I’d just find some shorter verses… perhaps from the Sermon on the Mount, Blessed are the… for they shall…  Some children’s Bibles paraphrase verses for memory and I am not crazy about that, I’d rather just spend more time learning the real thing or just a portion of it, than quickly memorizing a paraphrased section.  You can easily use SCM’s scripture memory system with your toddler if you’re looking for a method to use.

    Sara B.

    My 4yo learns them right with us.  She was 3 1/2 when we started using the system, though.  She has been doing great.  It takes her longer than her sisters to memorize it (mostly because she’s constantly goofing around), but she does know the verses we’ve done.  She says the Lord’s Prayer with us in church, she is learning the hymns along with us, she’s learning the commandments with us.  And I have no doubt at 3 she would have been fine listening in and seeing how much she could memorize too to be like her big sisters.  🙂


    No, it isn’t too early. I use the SMS w/ my dd9, ds6 and dd3. You’ll be surprised at how much they absorb!


    I agree with missceegee. My dd began memorizing with us when she was only 3. Not only did she learn several chapters and lengthy passages, but she also memorized all our poetry with us too! Sometimes, she could recite both verses and poems better than her older brother.

    Sometimes we don’t think kids are “able” simply because of their age. We don’t give them enough credit, for sure. If we present the feast, they’ll eat from whatever they choose, which is usually more than we expect!



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