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    I have a suggestion for future upgrades. It would be great if each book/resource had a list of topics/people/events that are covered in that book. So you would then have a list (like the Bibliography report, or maybe it would be included in the Bibliography report as an option you can check, like “show topics covered”) of the scope and sequence that is covered if you used those books (not simply “American History”, but it would list specific events and people from American History that are covered by that book). This would make it very easy for moms to see what their child has already learned about and they can plan books for the future that cover different topics/people/events so they’re not accidentally learning about the same things over and over and neglecting other things that they wanted to cover. And I noticed that a lot of books have topics/people in their chapter titles, but not all do, and some chapters might cover people not mentioned in the chapter title. I would LOVE to have this option.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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