SCM history cycle but using Ambleside for curriculum.


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    Hello everyone,

    I am on year one of ambleside online and after listening to the simple CM podcast on history I became interested In doing the SCM history cycle however I feel overwhelmed and don’t know how I would add the Bible to their year one. Any help or suggestions?


    I don’t understand.  They already have Bible readings scheduled.


    Yes, they do. But not aligned with history.


    SCM History Guides have Bible scheduled that aligns with history.  Maybe we aren’t clear on what you are wanting to do. Are you hoping to continue with Ambleside but use the SCM Bible schedule? I think the easiest way to combine, if that is the goal, would be to start with the SCM guide and plug the Ambleside readings into that.  I think Ambleside starts with history of your own country doesn’t it? Which may not align with Bible history at all, depending on what country you hail from. SCM still schedules Bible, it just stops squaring with history after Acts/Rome.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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