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    I love the SCM Elementary Arithmetic Book 1 and my six year old son is enjoying it as well. We really enjoy our arithmetic time. I’m in need of a bit of advice. He was doing well with number symbols 1-6, properly giving complete answers, doing pure number sections, completing and going through the reviews lessons. At number symbol 7 and 8 he is showing some signs of frustration with solving Simple Sums without using manipulatives. I can see his mind trying but he isn’t coming to the correct conclusion with the answer. I want to keep his confidence and love for math up and so I bring back the manipulatives to aid in understanding and have slowed down a bit. For example, we have spent three days on symbols 8 again as not to frustrate the process and passion for learning. I trust the process and not grasp at straws to teach addition via number line or finger counting (unless its supported by this SCM method).

    Does anyone have any advice to help with jumping this particular hurdle?


    Tamara Bell

    My son did well with 1-4 then hit a wall.  It is ok to set the book aside for a week or two.  Their brains need a bit of a break sometimes and simply aren’t ready to process the next bit.  It sounds like this is where your son is.  When I dropped the book for a couple weeks I didn’t simply drop math.  I’d occasionally ask him something like, “I need 4 apples for you guys but only have 1.  How many more do I need to buy?”  I’d make numbers a very real thing/need.  After a couple weeks his brain seemed able to process more.

    Richele Baburina

    Hi Genita,

    This first year is an introduction to the wondrous land of Numbers. Your child can certainly continue on in the work while using manipulatives.  This post I wrote will explain more. Sorry, I’m unable to link to it on my phone so am pasting it here.

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