SCM Early Modern v. MOH Vol. 3

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    We are finishing up SCM’s Middle Ages history guide. I know Early Modern is next, but since I have SO many resources for this period in history, I’m considering pulling things together from our book shelves and using something like MOH as a spine.
    Has anyone done this? I need to streamline things and am looking for ideas on this. I know I can use the SCM guide and implement my own books, but I also am still healing from adrenal fatigue and have my share of down days. My thought was that my children could listen to the audio of MOH on my bad days if need be. They were excited about the excerpt they got to listen to from her website.
    Thoughts? Ideas??


    What ages are your children?

    We did SCM Early Modern and loved it, especially their spine books Stories of America and Stories of the Nations.  I would use those on the days you feel like reading and use MOH audio on the days you need it.  And pull together the books you own already for their readings.  Be sure to get narrations from the spines whether you read SCM or they listen to MOH audio.


    My kids are 12, 9, 7, 5, and 3. The older 4 will all have birthdays this spring/summer.
    I do have the resources for Planning your own CM education, so I may pull that out again and look at it. Maybe I already have what I need…though I’m uncertain about trying to do that myself!! I like the idea of a spine to keep us moving forward. 😉


    We have done all 4 volumes of MOH and LOVED it!!

    My kids all wrote a card after each lesson and we did a timeline. I never had time for the activities but we read a tonne of good books!

    To find books that went along the same time period I mostly used the Guesthollow website, the history shelf.

    I can give you titles of books we read with volume 3, my kids were in 5th and 7th grade I think.




    That would be great, @petitemom
    Are you on Facebook? I’d love to connect and chat with you about how you used it.
    I’m at



    Hi, sorry could not answer before and I closed my Facebook account.( I strongly dislike FB!!).

    I wish we could still send PM’s on this site but anyways!!

    Here is the list:

    Pedro’s Journal

    Spy for the Night Rider

    The Raucous Royals

    Walk the World’s Rim

    Shakespeare ( from Charles and Mary Lamb)

    The Royal Diaries, Elizabeth I

    The Samurai’s Tale

    Almost Home

    The Whipping Boy

    The Pilgrim’s Progress

    Duncan’s War



    @petitemom, thanks for the list. Did you purchase just the main book, or did you go ahead and get the companion book with all the extras? I’m trying to decide if I want to get that because it includes a literature list. But for nearly $30, I’m not sure I want it that badly!!! Ha!!

    Oh, FB!!! I use it for business as well as personal, so I keep it around. I do understand your reticence toward it though! 🙂


    Finally got a chance to go look in the attic for the book. Each Volume is different, I didn’t remember how this one is set up but you only need one book for Volume III. I have no idea what is in the extra but honestly this was more then enough for us.

    The book I have has everything in it, activities and quizzes for each lessons. It is set up to do 4 days/week, 3 days lessons- one day quiz.

    Did they make a book with lessons only?

    Of course you can use it the way you’d like. If you do not want to do quizzes you could always get the audio only.


    I ordered it today and will have the student book which is the “text”, the companion book which has the quizzes and such (this is the one I’m not sure I will use at all! lol) and the audio version as well for when we are on the go. I felt the audio was a splurge, but I think it will come in handy on the days I may deal with an adrenal crash and need someone to do the reading for us.
    This *feels* like a really new approach for us, but I hope it will help me through this season. I hope to pull from our own shelves to add in some living books for my younger guys and my oldest as well.
    Thanks for all your input and help, @petitemom!!


    You’re welcome!

    I hope you enjoy MOH as much as we did.

    The Raucous Royal is not a living book by the way but it is a funny highlight of the lives of royals of that time.

    Are you sure you ordered Vol.3? Is the cover red?

    My book had everything in it. Maybe they changed it!?

    If you didn’t check this out already :

    I recommend it all the time, it is really awesome and has not only books for each time period but also some movies.




    Oh! Thanks for the link! I’ll bookmark it and check that out. 🙂

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