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    What would you include from your SCM curriculum in Morning Time?  All of the Family Together studies?  Like Bible/History/Geography AND the Enrichment Studies?  Or just the Enrichment Studies?  Something else?


    So I have one school aged, and 4 under school aged, but they like to be included. We like to do one enrichment at breakfast (picture study, folk song, habit training, music study). We also do our daily verse, and the Lord’s Prayer at breakfast. The laminator is our best friend, as we can hand things out and reuse them. We do a Bible story at lunch. A seasonal hymn and the verses using SCM suggested scripture memory at dinner. I’m sure that all will shakeup in the future… but for now that works with our family.

    Mary Beth

    My girls (13, 11, 9) do scripture memory and catechism lesson at the breakfast table with DH, and then the girls and I go to the sofa and do the following – this portion takes 30-40 minutes total:

    Bible reading (daily)

    Poem (daily)

    Myth/Fable/Fairy Tale (alternate)

    French (daily)

    Picture Study/Music Study/Nature Lore/Habits (alternate)


    We do other family-together subjects sprinkled throughout the day and week (History, Geography, Literature, Shakespeare, etc) but starting the day with the above subjects works really well for us.


    Every morning: Bible Study, Scripture Memory, Poem recitation, read aloud.

    Every other Day: Habit or Hymn Study

    Every 3 days (in a rotation): Poet Study, Composer Study, Picture/Artist Study

    Nature Study is not really part of our morning time, and is scheduled once per week instead.

    And if we have a history or geography lesson that’s together, we do that as part of morning time so that my high schooler can get to work on his own studies and doesn’t need to be interrupted for history/geography.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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