SCIENCE FOR my 8th Grader

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    I understand that SMC recommends the “Exploring Creation with Physics” 2nd Ed.

    Before knowing this I did buy the “God’s Design” by MasterBooks which is gear for 3-8th grades. We have been using these series for a while now and We have about 4  books (not so thick) to finish the series and I was planning to finish them in 8th grade.

    I guess my question would be if it will be better for my son to rather start with the Apologia books? or finish what we have?

    I don’t mind buying the Apologia since it can be found at a very decent price and there are quite a few options, so money is not the issue.

    I also like that the “Exploring Creation with Physics” has an audiobook available.

    My other question would be if you use the Student Workbook?

    Thank you


    You do not need the student workbook. That is something that apologia added to Dr Wile`s science book, I think. He did not write his books to require the workbook.

    The physical science book is most likely a “harder” science course than the Answers in Genesis books. Reading the physical science text would let you know if you liked Dr. Wile`s writting style, familiarize you with his quizes, ect. It is not necessarily a prerequisite to his 9th grade Biology book though.

    Depending on your student’s interest, academic inclination, and ability and your state regulations, you could possibly do Gods design for 8th, physical science in 9th, biology in 10th and Chemestry in 11th. I know that I only did Dr Wile’s (1st edition;) Biology and chemestry for my whole high school classes. I managed to spread out each for 2 yrs;) This is not a recomendation I was lazy when it came to science and math in highschool and my mother let me get away with it, but I did get A`s in my college biology and earth science classes, and did not find them hard….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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