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  • So after I read Christie’s (misceegee) checklists, I noticed that her older kids do their independent work BEFORE breakfast. Does anyone else do this, and if so, how does this work with children who tend to sleep longer? I would love for my olders to finish their independent readings/work earlier, but I feel like they may not do their best work before having breakfast first. Does this make sense?

    When I compare my kids to public school kids, sometimes I wonder if I should be more strict with getting up at a certain time everyday and get started with work. Not crazy early, but just a set time about 7:00 a.m. on certain days of the week. But I also want them to have needed sleep and refreshment before beginning the day. What do you all think?


    Christie did mention that hers did it early because they were morning people.  She is not, but having it ready means that they are working on it when it is best for them and causes less stress for her. =)

    I try to have us all going on school around 8, and breakfast is usually about 8:30 or 9.  I discovered that my kids don’t really eat very well first thing in the morning.  If I wait an hour, they eat well.  So, we do some work like scripture journaling and memorization etc. while we are “waiting” for breakfast.

    It is really hard for me to have a good flow of my day if I am not on top of the getting up time.



    I just sent a pm. I think this is dependent upon many factors:

    1. Are they morning people?

    2. Do you like to eat all together? If so, when do you want that to be? Does Dad eat with you? Is there a time that needs to meet his schedule?

    3. If you don’t eat together, can they get their own breakfast?

    4. Can they do quality work, cheerfully before eating? Stomachs are unique, too.

    5. Are they independent in their work with direct supervision? In other words, can they follow a list and do it well alone while you’re nearby? Without dawdling?

    Once you answer those questions, you can determine what work, if anything, can be done independently before breakfast. I know some kids or adults don’t think well before eating. It wouldn’t be prudent in those cases. If work before breakfast isn’t a problem and the other questions are addressed in accordance with your entire family’s needs, it can be a very good situation as it is in our home.



    Monday through Friday, I wake around 5 for coffee/devotion and then exercise. I’m ready for my kids to get going after I’m finished with my own early routine. My son is a morning person, so maybe I could start with him. I do my best work as a teacher in the early part of the day, so this is why the idea of them getting it done earlier is so appealing! 🙂

    Good point on eating well a little later in the morning. But my kids seem to be sluggish until then, and I don’t want their school work to suffer just because I want it done earlier.


    I think that many children do need extra sleep.  But it’s important to recognize if they are sleeping later because they are going to bed too late or because they are growing or especially active the previous day.  My younger ds is still an early riser.  This morning he was up at 6:20.  He had most of his independant school work done before I left for the office at 8:45 (right now dad doesn’t head to work until I get home at lunch time on Mondays).  The older ds (sleeping later due to growth and the start of puberty as well as all the activiy and fresh air) usually needs to be dragged out of bed around 8am, but was also up around 7:30 am today.  He also had most of his work done before I left.  They ate a like breakfast while listening to me read from the Bible and doing their math.  They really only had some reading left for independant work, a few little chores, and then they had free time for the rest of the morning(my older son spent a good chunk of that voluntarily mowing an elderly neighbours sizeable lawn much to my very happy surprise) until I got home to finish guided and do family work, which took about an hour and 15 mins when you subtract the time it took them to wash the lunch dishes.  This kind of day works brilliantly for us, but often we are too rushed in the morning if they sleep later.  I’m not a morning person myself.  I keep thinking I need to start drinking coffee — that might help. 

    The jr high kids here have to be on the bus at 6:55 am, so they are leaving home even earlier.  The 11 yo girl next-door is getting up at 5:30.  Studies the school board have done show these kids aren’t even really fully awake before 11 am, and by then more than half their classes are over.   Most of these kids also stay up until 10 or 11 pm (or later). I am so glad I’m not trying to drag my 11 yo out of bed that early! 

    Our 7 yo’s bedtime is 8pm with 8:30 lights out.  Our 11 yo is usually in bed reading by 8 (though he’s not required to be in bed until 8:30) with lights out at 9pm. 

    Thanks ladies! This has helped me make sure I ask myself the right questions before trying anything new.

    BTW 4myboys, I highly recommend a freshly brewed French pressed coffee with honey and cream for yummy morning vitality! 🙂


    5 AMYellNo!!! Followed by Undecided Cry FrownSurprised to describe me if I had to get up at 5 AM. 

    I don’t drink coffee either. Is that the secret to being a morning person that looks like this Laughing at 5 AM? 



    LOL Chrisite! I don’t drink coffee…but sweetened tea w/ stevia!!! This is me from 5-10Cry read it right…10 is when I am finally awake! I have some health issues but really I have always been that way! 

    I have one who is okay w/ whatever time he gets up. And one who has to sleep 11-12 hrs no matter what! Or he is very grouchy!! And he is the one who can’t go to sleep early! So, he generally wakes up around 9-9:30 but last wk he didn’t wake up until 10:30! I let him sleep thinking he may have been going through a growth spurt. Now he is back on his schedule!

    I always think how nice it would be to finish school early. But this is what works best for us in our stage of life! And for me and my health. I do wake up early to cook b-fast for dh and see him off.  I generally stay up to do things but sometimes if I have had a rough night,,aka no sleep..then I will get back to bed and doze.

    I have to remember not to compare myself with other families because I get very upset w/ myself! This is what I have to do for us now..hopefully in the future I can be as peppy and “with it” as you gals!!

    Also, the boys go to bed later because of spending some time w/ dad and outside time after dinner. Especially now that is light late.  Then when they do come in it is time for clean up, reading or they may watch one 30 min show, or listen to a book on cd. So they go to bed around 9-9:30!  I know ….late for a lot of people!! Last wk they stayed up until 10!! 

    We all have to do what fits our family!! What would I do if they had to go to PS?? LOL!

    One of the top 10 reasons to homeschool: A family can do their own schedule that works for them!

    My hubby and I are serious coffee people. I can’t imagine not having the fresh smell of hot coffee greeting me first thing in the morning, it’s such a comfort. 🙂 We have an awesome local coffee house where we get freshly roasted organic beans, it is incredibly delicious! And it helps me look forward to those early mornings that would otherwise be a struggle. :0


    Even with coffee 5am is awful early lol. I am NOT a morning person, neither is anyone else in this family. My kids all go to bed at 9 and must be up by 8 or I wake them up. In the mornings my children lay around wrapped in blankets reading. At 8 we eat breakfast then they go do their chore packs. We usually start school between 9 and 9:30. Sometimes my son gets started on his checklist early. He will read his literature book and do copywork, but I vetoed practicing the piano until after I have had coffee lol.

    We stay up late often with events going on and such and I let the kids sleep. They are too grumpy to teach if I don’t.

    I always wish I could get up that early without hating it. I can stay up all night but forget getting up early. Oh well.



    Some days I am up at 6 or 7 am. Lately I have noticed I have been sleeping in till 8am… Hmmm? 5am a few times but not on a regular basis and not with coffee. It makes my legs hurt….. I did do a little Yerba Mate Tea ( The Coffee of Argentina! ) It has better properties than Green Tea… However, I wouldn’t drink it on a regular basis because I try to stay away from caffine. I found it takes away vital nutrients from my body and I am wishing I stayed away from the stuff.   I just don’t feel I get enough benefits from things like coffee and tea and my body will have to pay for it later? Just sayin’ this is my problem with Teas and Coffees. Oh, I also do Agave Nectar or honey… I have been drinking more Olive Leaf tea. It is more beneficial and it tastes great without sweetener plus no caffine…

      My kids are usually up before 8am but I don’t let them sleep in because the day just seems to drag on. Breakfast is a must for my dd 5. She feeds and waters the dog and then she wants her food ASAP. I did have the boys doing that but then they would meandor around to do the chores. So, they do their chores before breakfast and then it is school.

       I am glad I am not sending them to public school because I would have to get up at 6 am every morning! UGH!Frown that is what I would look like at 6am!  I hear the bus go by @ 6:40 and thank my lucky stars I don’t have to get up and get the kids ready every morning. 🙂  Am I ever glad!


    The bus system seems to come a lot earlier than when I was a child. I’ve seen some little kids waiting for the bus at 6:15 a.m! Then they don’t return home till late afternoon. So sad. My heart breaks for these children. I realize there are worse situations, but these kids are forced at such a young age to conform to institutions. I could go on and on, but I’ll stop. 🙁

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