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  • Hi – one question for those of you with teens – I plan on doing math and science every day as they will be using a pre planned curriculum for those subjects. My question is do you do all the other subjects on a daily basis, or do you alternate? I know that in earlier years you can be very flexible, I am wondering what a schedule looks like for high school only? To get the credits, do you cover everything daily, or is it ok to flex the schedule, because we cover so much more ground in our homeschools in a shorter time? Hope you understand what I am trying to ask. Thanks. Lindy

    Sonya Shafer

    flex the schedule, because we cover so much more ground in our homeschools in a shorter time

    That’s how I did it. Variety is always good for helping anyone focus, no matter how old they may be. Keep in mind, also, that my high schoolers have/had more independent reading too, which I let them schedule. They could select which days they read as long as they meet my deadlines. (Training for adult life, you know.) So we might have family history three days a week, but they might read their independent history book the other two days. If you add all of the family work and independent work together, they easily earn their credit hours. Does that make sense?

    Bottom line, I guess, is I kept the family work flexible and let them decide their schedules for their independent work (with my input as needed).

    Thanks Sonya, I think I just needed reassurance that it was ok to do that – it made sense to me, but I wanted some input to hear what others said. I do appreciate the words. Lindy


    I am scheduling certain subjects to be done every day, but others are not. I used ambleside online as my guide.

    I also set our schedule up on a weekly basis–so my son knew what he needed to have done each week, but he could pick what he wanted to do when, with the exception of Bible, Algebra, English and Spanish, instrument practice, which I require him to work on every day.

    (Moderator’s note: We regretfully had to remove the link because Ambleside Online requires that you obtain permission before linking to them.)

    Betty Dickerson

    I read aloud from Bible and history everyday. Then our other read aloud is on a different subject everyday, so that we have a focus for our reading each day. The children also have independent reading each day to coincide with our focus. For example, Mon–spiritual (they may read a missionary bio), Tues–nature, Wed–lit, Thurs–historical, and Fridays our focus is fine arts and their book of choice.

    I found that this really enriches our time if we all have the same focus every day.

    I just realized that this question was posted in the high school forum. We aren’t in high school, so I don’t know WHAT we’re going to do when we get there. Hope this is helpful anyways!!!

    Thanks for the posts, they are all useful – I am keen to hear any ideas and then I can pick and choose what will work. Thanks ladies for your insights, it is valued.

    I have a 13 year daughter. I am at a lost to what module to put her in what year? She is reading and doing a 6th grade math saxon. Any suggestions

    Sonya Shafer

    You can start her in any History module you would like. Each module gives book suggestions for all the grade levels.

    What time periods has she already studied?

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