Scheduling Biweekly and viewing the Year at a Glance.

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    I’m not seeing a way to schedule something for every other week.  Do I have to manually put it in as a one time thing or just have it weekly in there and ignore it on the off weeks. Cry  that would be lame.


    Also it would be nice to see further into the future than simply “tomorrow”.  It would be nice to see the year at a glance.  For example… If we did math 4 days a week and started on 8/25 then on what date would we finish the book?  I had to figure this out by counting out the the chapters and the weeks.  It would be nice for something like this to be incorporated into the program.


    I schedule bi-weekly things as weekly but type my chapters, pages, or assignments in every second division field. You can leave the off weeks blank or paste the word FREE 🙂 in the division boxes. What ever you like really.


    ok.. i guess that’ll work..  but that definitely goes on the wishlist.

    Would also love to see these features!  The year at a glance would be amazing….


    Bi-Weekly, and more than tomorrow would be nice.  BUT we must remember all the wonderful things the organizer has that others do not offer!  So smile and remember how blessed we are.  

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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