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    Hi, I am needing advice, please. We had been using Rosetta Stone online through our library and it was dropped. We got a library card from another county for the sole purpose of being able to continue and I just found out today that they are also dropping Rosetta Stone. I do not think we can afford purchasing this program at this time and so I’m wondering what other curriculums have worked for you all. We’ve had a number of false starts with Spanish through the years and so I would say my high schoolers are very new at it. What has worked for you? I would appreciate suggestions for little ones as well (K-5).




    Not that this will help with affordability, but I just finished researching foreign language programs myself (with the loss of the library Rosetta). Now, this is just based on reviews, awards and various group listings that I belong to, the Auralog Tell Me More software seems to be “it” right now. I was a big Rosetta fan until I started reading about this. I’m intrigued…

    Here’s a link:

    Yes, it’s expensive, but on the perk side, it contains all levels in one package; beginner through advanced (one time purchase). It tracks family members separately and according to the “reviews” does a much better job with the grammatical side of the languages, the written and sentence structure.

    So, probably didn’t help you much, but I’m in the same boat. I’d love to hear others experiences with different programs.


    Yes, that’s very helpful. Just some direction, any direction, is thoughtful. Thanks!


    Amy Lu

    Tell Me More is going to be coming out with a Homeschool Performance version this summer. I just spoke with Ann-Claire (their homeschool cust. serv. person) this morning. She also said that when it is released they will most likely offer it at a discounted price. It’s pricey, about $400, but we are hoping to use it for 4 people. It offers 10 levels. For us, I think it’s worth it. I’m not affiliated, I’ve just been researching this topic too! Ann-Claire recommends the program for kids 8 and up but she did say that most homeschoolers are more advanced (grin) and can get through it with mom’s help.

    As for Rosetta Stone, I think there is a library in MI (Kalamazoo?) that will allow anyone-anywhere a membership and then you can use Rosetta Stone through them online. I’ll try to find where I saw that and I’ll post to let you know for sure.

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