"repetition" work and CM history question

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    So I have recently been reading through “A Charlotte Mason Education” by Catherine Levison. In the back of the book she has Charlotte Mason’s weekly schedule. I have been looking at the 1-3 grade one and noticed that it is only once a week that the children were listed to do each of their “repetition” works: repetition poem, parable and hymn. Does that mean they only practiced it once a week? Did they read it multiple times that day? Do some other sort of reinforcement activity to help learn it?

    I also noticed that history is not listed as a separate subject in the 1-3 grade schedule. Reading is listed, but I am not sure if that is referring to children learning to read, or teacher reading aloud, which could include history. Any original CM experts have thoughts on these questions? I am starting to work on our plans for next school year and am wanting to understand as much as I can about what CM thought and expected and did with her students. In the fall I will have a 3rd grader and K’er with a 3 year old tagalong little sponge.

    Richele Baburina

    Hi Mama Nickels,

    I will do my best and others will hopefully chime in if I’ve misspoken or missed something.  All the “Reading” you see in the Form I schedule covers the history and literature reading as well as the reading lessons.  In the programmes for Form I, our grades 1-3, we know the children had “Tales” which were fairy tales, myths and legends (some of these might be what we slot in Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome readings, Norse myths, Arthur, etc.).  They also had what was titled “English History” meaning the history of England.

    I don’t know whether or not the teacher used any of these reading slots to also read a few lines from a poem or hymn, etc. that was being memorized.  Children in this form weren’t memorizing an awful lot (a poem, two hymns, a psalm and 12 Bible verses) so maybe a repetition once a week for twelve weeks in each (poem, parable & hymn) was enough but we also know from Charlotte’s writing that recitation of the Bible verses was almost a daily endeavor so that would seem to fall under the Old Testament/New Testament headings in the timetable.

    Do you have any of Charlotte’s original Home Education volumes?  I always keep one in rotation on my nightstand and have found that by making it a goal to read just 25 pages a night, which in reality works out to a few times a week for me,  I can work through them at a pretty steady clip.  I get so much from what others have written but having her original words really helped me see the beautiful panorama and how the methods dovetail together in such an amazing way.

    All my best to you as you plan.



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