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  • Karen Tryon

    Hi all,

    As I have been trying to implentment CM ideas a little at a time over the summer I discovered that I have a problem….I consistently forget to ask my kids to narrate to me. It really doesn’t help to hinge your school day on narration when you forget about it. And it’s not habit so my kids don’t remind me. They love it when I ask though. I have 5 students:  one high school, 2 middle school, and 2 elementary. I am starting with oral narrations from everyone since we haven’t been in the habit. Midway through the fall I will be moving my 15 and 13yod to more written narration. Those are easier to get because they go on their assignment sheets. Until then, I need ideas for remembering to actually ask when we’re reading aloud.  Do any of you have any ideas or strategies that help me remember to ask for narration?

    God bless,



    What about a post-it note reminder on every book?

    Tamara Bell

    I LOVE (yes…all capital I feel that strongly lol) these narration bookmarks.  Just pop them in the books.  🙂


    I put a sticky note that says “NARRATE” along with the bookmark for whatever chapter we’re on in the book.  That’s the only way I remember…and even then I still forget at times!

    Karen Tryon

    Ooooo, I haven’t seen the bookmark!!!!!  I think I have the corner markers in my downloads file but my littles knock them off in their enthusiasm to bring me the books. LOL!!!  I am definitely going to give that a try.  Knowing me, I will need both the bookmark and the sticky notes.  😞



    We used to have the same issue here.  I began adding a box on the checksheet after everything read that stated “Narrate.” So after the assignment __Read Athenian Cousin, p.x-xx

    ___ Narrate

    Now that I actually just handwrite the assignments in a spiral notebook because they are more independent, I write, for example:

    ___ Narrate Athenian Cousin, p.xx-xx

    This way, the actual doing of the assignment is inherent but doesn’t take up more space, and nothing can be checked off unless it is narrated.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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