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    I am currently using Teaching Textbooks currently.  Right Start Math and Math-U-See didn’t work for my son.  While Teaching Textbooks is fine and my son gets less frustrated using this program, I can’t say that I am overwhelmed with it.  Someone suggested Masterbooks Math.  Has anyone used Masterbooks Math?  Any other math programs that anyone can suggest?

    I have heard Saxon Math is good but I have also heard that it isn’t a good program for kids who struggle with math.



    We use Principles of Mathematics from Master Books for middle school level. For elementary level we use Learn Math Fast and Strayer-Upton Practical Arithmetics following SCM’s math guide. Both of my kids tried Teaching Textbooks and Life of Fred, and both were in public school until 6th and 4th grades.  We never tried Right Start or Math-U-See. My self-learner really likes the Principles of Mathematics since he learns better directly from the book rather than working with me, while my other child is completely the opposite and really likes working with me using Strayer-Upton. I mostly use Learn Math Fast to help teach new concepts and for extra practice when she needs it or when I need her to work on her own.


    How old is your son and what level is he using?

    We have used a lot of different curriculum, but not Teaching Textbooks.

    Master Books math was one of my favorites, but my kids struggled with it.  It moved too quickly for them. It was difficult to skip around it because of the continuing story. If I had stopped it, and set it aside for other things until they understood, it would have worked.  I didn’t want to go that route.

    We are using Ray’s For Today, supplementing with Miquon and Critical Thinking Company’s Mathematical Reasoning, math literature books, and card games.

    For highschool we like Videotext Algebra and Geometry.

    My two are opposite.  One likes to puzzle things out, likes variety, color, and independent work. Her favorite is Mathematical Reasoning, but it gets difficult for her.

    The other learns best with interaction, few distractions, and keeping things plain and basic.  He likes variety too. He spends more time in Ray’s For Today than his sister does.

    I switch supplements around depending on their needs.

    Praying that you figure out what is best for your son.

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