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    My oldest son is in 8th grade and is finishing up Using Language Well Book 3 and I am wondering what to use next since there is no ULW Book 4.  Any suggestions?  Have you chosen to use Spelling Wisdom book 4 without ULW book 4, or have you chosen something entirely different for high school ELA?  Any suggestions or ideas are appreciated.

    Tamara Bell

    I will continue with Spelling Wisdom Book 4 with my “bigs.”  Our recommendation is to continue Spelling Wisdom where they will continue to see excellent writing, punctuation, English usage, as well as spelling and for those parents that need some help with writing,  Analytical Grammar’s Research Paper and Essay Writing which are part of Beyond the Book Report season 3.   Once a student completes Using Language Well, Book 3, he has had plenty of sentence parsing.  If you’d like a review you could certainly add Analytical Grammar during 1 year of high school.

    The above, coupled with quality literature , poetry, Shakespeare, oral and 4-5 written narrations a week in varying styles makes an excellent English course.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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