Reading lessons for child having trouble with phonics

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    So, my soon to be 8yo is autistic and dyslexic. We have tried every phonics program around with little to no success. We did Dyslexia Games Level A in the fall and it got him reading some, but he is frustrated and painstakingly sounding out every. single. thing.

    We dabbled in CM methods when we first started homeschooling and are coming back around. Someone suggested using the original Delightful Reading pack with him or at least CM method reading lessons (which I have no clue how to even do). We do a lot of reading aloud, audiobooks, etc.

    I’m kind of lost on where to go from here. According to my mother (which I just found out), I was a hyperlexic child and could read before kindergarten. So teaching phonics is like a foreign language to me. He can read some basic Dr. Seuss books and really likes the Dog Man series (I’m not a fan AT ALL, but his cousin introduced them to him over spring break and they sparked his want to start reading). He knows many of the “phonics rules” but is a horrible speller and very slow reader.


    Any tips or suggestions are very welcome! TIA!


    I’ve been using Foundational Phonics with my daughter who was struggling a little with another reading program we tried. I LOVE it. It’s old-school phonics but with some interactive pages and writing. The pages aren’t overwhelming and takes only about 5 minutes. There’s a little writing and some fill-in-the-blanks for both words (I copy and cut out the words they give as suggestions and my daughter has fun making nonsense stories) and letters to help with spelling.

    Here’s the website:


    Each one is so different. We have used A Gentle Feast Sight and Sound Levels 1 and 2, and instructions from a blog post that I can’t find now. It had a picture of a children’s poetry book and instructions on how to read until you find a troublesome word and talk about the sounds, etc. Next build the word with tiles, and then write the word in your My Word Book. Next write 5 words with the same pattern(light, night).

    She used poetry books, but we used Christian Light grade level readers.

    For spelling we are using the method in A Gentle Feast language arts book via copywork and practice, but on our own now. I am using that method with Queen Homeschool copywork and Language Lessons books.

    I ordered Foundational Phonics after reading the above post. We are using CLE for letter sounds, but my youngest seems to do better with simplicity. Thus the Foundational Phonics.

    For several of my children, too much help through picture cues, stories, hand motions, etc. becomes a bunch of extra information to figure out how it relates to the letter sound, rule, etc. Some didn’t need the extras and just needed practice.


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