Reading Aloud vs. Independent Reading for 9 yr old

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    Just the last 6 months, reading has really clicked and decoding/vocab/sight words has really taken off with my just turned 9 yr old boy. Yay!  So glad he loves books. 

    I am going to continue having him read aloud to me for Term 3 this Spring, and thru the summer, to work on inflection/intonation, new blends/words we haven’t encountered yet thru books/AAS.  Thinking in the fall I would set before him some lively chapter books and long ill. picture books on a shelf for him to choose from and work thru on his own. 

    Should I launch him into reading silently then or continue to have him read out loud from selections? Am I to do both concurrently at this stage?  And one more Q.  Should I set a timer, say for 15 min. for silent reading or a 1 ch. min. requirement, or have him work on a choice from the shelf during quiet time?  Those who have passed this way already, what have you done, what worked?  Thanks ladies!


    Posting to follow.  My DD9 has been reading through the Harriette Taylor Treadwell books.  She used to love to read, but sadly, she has lost that love, and I am not sure if it is due to requiring her to read aloud or not.  When she gets to unfamiliar words she would sort of make them up instead of sounding them out phonetically.  She originally taught herself to read and actually read at an early age, but phonics was never really a strong suit.  Her expression is fabulous!  She is about to finish the 3rd grade reader, and I am going to get her started on quiet reading.  I’m leaning toward settlng a timer, but if she wants to finish the chapter then let her.  I’m curious what others say since we are in a similar boat as you.

    Alicia Hart

    artcmomto3- has your daughter been reading out loud daily up until now?


    I still read with and a little bit to my dd 9.   I am transitioning her to reading silently and then narrating. So for the present term, I have her read about half of her material to herself and the other half I read to her out loud.

    By term 3, I plan on having her read all her books silently and narrating.  I may still read aloud one chapter per day out of a literature book that I am doing for her and my ds 7 OR I may have her read that one to herself as well.  She will be 10 at the end of June.


    Lishie – Yes, she is still reading aloud.  Plus, I read aloud to her.  I don’t plan on dropping reading to her anytime soon.  Sometimes I read to both her and her brother (age 7), or if they have interest in different books I read separately to them.  When did you stop requiring her to read out loud to you?  Was it a transition or an obvious switch?


    This year, I have been having my two, ages 7 & 8 read 5min & 10 min out loud to me from different books that are their reading level.  This has allowed me to help with new or unfamiliar words and tone etc. I have seen such improvement through the year for sure. I just havve them set a timer and my son will actually read to his sock monkey. 🙂 

    I also have them reading on their own books at their level (I use sonlight’s readers) and they have the guides that come with ?’s from these, I can tell from their narrations their comprehension and I do not have to read the book, but honestly at this level, I could have saved a bundle if I had just read the books. LOL I’m new at this and didn’t know though. These books I have them read a chapter a day or roughly about 5-7 pages. 

    I have seen such improvement in both their reading levels and in their self esteem of confidence. I have often inquired how they feel about the reading out loud and they both like it, so we are keeping it in. 

    One thing I have started doing also is having them read an aesop fable and working as a team to re-enact or teach or tell the story to me. They love having the freedom of creativity with this assignment and I honestly look forward to watching them do this every day and it brings such joy and spark to our day or every other day.  

    I believe all of this has helped to create a love of reading and books, which is so difficult to do in this technology loving world.

    I still read aloud to them both 98% of everything though and will slowly start to cut back in the coming years.


    Another idea, FWIW, we always have a classic that we are working on together. We have multiple copies (sometimes we own several, or we supplement the shelves with digital or library offerings). But the difference here is that everyone follows along and takes turns reading aloud. The nice thing about this is that it keeps everyone reading aloud regularly without feeling “singled out” that they have to do it. 😉 And it gives opportunity for me to model good speed, expression, etc as I take my turn right along with them.

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