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  • Katrina Amogawin

    Hi Guys

    I need your advise; my son is eight years old. He is an independent reader. He loves reading aloud during bedtime. The rest of the day, he would prefer to read it by himself.

    Would you please guide me to whether I am doing fine letting him read by himself or I need to read aloud with him?

    Tamara Bell

    How wonderful that your son is an independent reader at this age!

    We recommend the parent to read aloud all school books for children in grades 1-3 with the exception of a reader that he will read aloud to you.  By reading aloud to him, you are able to read resources that are possibly written at a higher level than his current reading ability (providing him with a greater vocabulary, stretching his mind muscles).  It is also a wonderful bonding time.  These years fly by so quickly.

    By requiring him to read aloud from 1 resource to you, you are making sure that he is reading slowly and carefully, not skipping words and pronouncing words properly.

    Katrina Amogawin

    Thank you so much Tamara 🙂


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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