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    Hi all…does any one have suggestions for 1st or 2nd grade readers besides the Pathway series listed on SCM? We have already read those. Thanks!


    Christian Light or Rod & Staff have nice readers.  My dd loves the realistic stories.


    My kids like the McGuffey Readers.  They are available free from or you can find them at Amazon or Rainbow Resource if you want a print copy.

    Another good option is the Emerging Readers set from HOD.  I imagine your library would have most of these books.  We used HOD several years ago and it didn’t work out for my family, but this was a nice set of readers that I still use.


    I have recently ordered Reading Lessons through Literature.  It utilizes the Elson readers.  Although we are using the material to teach spelling, I wish I had known of the readers when my son was learning to read.  They include traditional stories, folk tales, fables, stories of nature, Mother Goose rhymes and poems by poets such as Christina Rossetti and Robert Louis Stevenson.


    I recently got a book called The Classical Reader which has tons of books broken down in grade level groups and then noted by level. So it’s an easy way to know which living books work great for reading lessons. And a space to mark when your child has read it. Etc. Also, as far as I can tell, all of the books are in print and should be easy to get at the library. I have found MANY for just $0.59 at Goodwill.

    I’m excited about taking this approach with my daughter. We have the Reading-Literature readers by Free & Treadwell which we have really enjoyed but, she is not quite ready to move to the third grade reader and I didn’t want to purchase a pricy reader set. So I’m excited to try this route.

    The Classical Reader: A Comprehensive Reading Guide for K-12 Students


    We have McGuffey, and Treadwell. We also read Frog and Toad and Little Bear, but have moved past those for difficulty. I still have my dd read them to practice fluency so she doesn’t have to focus on sounding out new words. We really love George and Martha books. My dd is read for longer books but that short story to chapter book leap hasn’t happened yet. The smaller font and size of the books overwhelm her.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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