Ray's or New Ray's or Strupton???


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  • Betty Dickerson

    So I have my last child that I will be starting to school in the fall and I have the SCM DVDs and book for a CM Math. Just wondering which of these three choices would best mesh with a CM math education?  Has anyone looked at all 3 (Ray’s, New Ray’s, and then Strupton after book 1)?  And then I saw there is a new CM Living Math that is full of stories?  That actually doesn’t sound that CM to me.

    My kids have all struggled with math–it seems to be our family weakness. I would love to start off in a better place with my last child and give her a really solid foundation.  Thanks so much!


    SCM math dvd and book are the most CM, but they take problems from Ray’s and Strayer Upton.  The dvd and book teach a method that you can use with various math textbooks.

    Ray’s for Today could be used as a spine,  that you tweak to make more CM.



    In the DVD, Richele recommends the first Rays book, followed by the Strayer Upton books.

    Betty Dickerson

    Yes!  I do have the DVD  and the book. I am about half way through. I wonder if someone has compared the old Rays with the New?  Has anyone compared SU with the New Rays?  Thanks so much!!


    I tried the old Ray’s a few years ago and I needed more script.  Ray’s for Today is great!  It’s full of ideas and the lessons are hands-on.  My son loves it and he’s been exposed to 4 other math programs.  It’s hard to find one that clicks.  We have been using it for 1-2 months though so take that into consideration.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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