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    What do you do without interrupting your whole day to de-stress?  Do you have any quick tips or tricks to share?  I like to do several deep stretches and that sometimes helps a lot.  I do mini power prays – you know the ones; you’re at the kitchen sink and you just close your eyes and blast up some praise and requests for support?!  🙂  But does anyone have any other little “reset” that they can share as I gear up for a new year.  I remember an aroma therapy that a friend used but I can’t remember how she did it.

    (*Note please my children aren’t the source of my stress, so I’m not looking for escapes just ways to ease my personal stress so that I’m the best I can be and so I stay as healthy as I can)


    I go for a run.  A good 30 minute jog helps me work up a sweat and feel better.


    For me, I like a 10-15 min nap.  Basically, I set a timer, lay down on my bed, and pray.  Sometimes I fall asleep or at least enter that “nearly sleep” stage, sometimes I don’t sleep and just lay there with my eyes shut.

    I think what recharges me is the quiet and the opportunity to finish a thought or to think/pray something through.


    I diffuse and apply essential oils which help me a lot. Some of my favorites are Stress Away, Peace & Calming, Lavender & Orange or Tangerine together. Also, a good cup of coffee or a square of super dark chocolate help me de-stress. ?



    I am sure which music varies by person.  I find I like instrumentals like Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos.  But I also like to put on a Josh Turner CD. 😉

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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