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  • Christina Clontz

    Hello! I just started using the CM Organizer. I’m trying to set it up and I’ve already watched the videos, but I still have some questions about how it works.

    -What happens if you miss a day?I saw in the video that you can check off days you’ve missed after the fact, but what happens when that day comes back around? Does it skip the lesson that was on the day or stay on that lesson until it gets checked off, regardless of how many times that day doesn’t get completed?

    For example, if we do a co-op on Mondays but only twice a month, and I want that subject to still be on the list for Mondays because of the 2-3 days per month we are home on Mondays, will it still keep my place if it gets skipped multiple Mondays in a row? Or will I have to fish through previous days to find it once we get to it? What if we take school off for a couple of weeks?

    -What happens when the new school year starts?I saw in the video how to choose the start date of each school year. Does that affect the lessons in any way, it is it just for the reports feature that it’s necessary? Do the lessons carry over to continue the next school year?

    For example, if we set up our school year now and I also start plugging in things for next year, we often don’t complete our entire math curriculum and move to the next anyway since the first many lessons are review lessons anyway at the start of each year. I have chosen to start the resource for the upcoming year on our projected start date for the fall. Will the other one drop off at the end of this school year or will I need to delete that one when we decide we are “finished” for the year? If we choose to just continue and start the next when we are *actually* done, will it carry over? (I know I can schedule the one to start after the other is complete, but just curious if it carries over into the next year.)

    -Is there any way to view future days or a yearlong look of what it looks like overall? I keep trying to figure out if I am seeing it up correctly and it’s very hard to know without being able to see the future days/plans to see what it’s saying to check if I’m doing it right.

    I saw in the video you can see upcoming lessons but is there a way to see next year’s set up ahead of time?

    Jordan Smith

    So glad you’re giving the CM Organizer a try!

    What happens if you miss a day?

    If you don’t mark a lesson finished on the day it was scheduled for, it will show up on the next scheduled day. So, for example, if you were supposed to do a book weekly and Lesson 1 is on Monday, but you don’t complete that lesson today, Lesson 1 will show up on your plan next Monday.

    What happens when the new school year starts?

    Your plans simply continue with whatever you have scheduled. We know that often our homeschool years tend to flow into each other. 🙂 The school year dates are only for when you run a school year report, so the CM Organizer knows which dates to include on that report.

    If you want to reset your plan for a new school year, you can remove resources individually on the Scheduler tab by clicking remove from schedule next to the one you want to de-schedule. Any work you’ve recorded for that resource will be saved in your reports.

    Is there any way to view future days or a yearlong look of what it looks like overall?

    You can get a peek at tomorrow’s plan by clicking See Tomorrow’s Plan on the Daily Plan tab. That view is more for your preparation, though, letting you see which books you’ll want to have ready for a smooth day tomorrow.

    Since the CM Organizer is designed to help you focus on today and is always flexing your plans based on what you did today, it doesn’t have a way to see days ahead of time. But you can see an overview of what you have scheduled and what’s coming up by looking at the Scheduler tab. The Scheduler tab shows you everything you currently have scheduled and when each scheduled resource will begin.

    Does that make sense? Let me know if you have any more questions!

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