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    Hi Everyone:
    We are switching over to MUS after years of Right Start. I am needing to free myself from hours of teacher directed subjects w another new baby coming this fall.

    Can you please describe to be how you structure your week w DVD, lessons, systematic review and the test. I am assuming I can get all this done in one week? Wondering what some seasoned MUS teachers have found to be a successful weekly set-up.

    Thank you


    For us it generally works this way:

    Day 1 – Dvd lesson (or mom teach, depends on child preference) and the A worksheet.  (A, B, and C are just on the new concept.  You do as many in a week as it takes to master the concept.  Sometimes they get it right away and you just do A.  Other weeks you do 2 or 3 of these.)

    Day 2 – Kids do B page (unless they understood the concept really really well).  They do the first problem and show it to me so we can catch any errors/misunderstandings.  Then they move into the rest of that page.

    Day 3 – Kids do C page if still not quite mastered the new concept.  If they’ve got it mastered they do D page instead.  (D, E, F pages are review.  They have a few problems on the new concept and then review problems from past concepts.)

    Day 4 – Kids do D or E page.  Generally that’s all my kids need to be ready for the test.

    Day 5 – Test.  If they still aren’t solid on the concept we will keep practicing with the remaining pages instead of testing.  Or get on the website to print pages even.


    Another tip – I had one year where I was really crunched for 1 on 1 time.  Each child started their new lesson on a different day of the week.  So oldest started with the dvd or lesson with me on Monday.  Next child started their dvd or lesson with me on Tuesday.  Third child started theirs on Wed.  It simply meant that their schedule shifted over into the second week, so one did Tues-Mon, another Wed-Tues, etc.  It worked ok most of the time.


    We do not push to finish a unit in a week.

    At the start of a unit, what ever day that is, the student and I watch the video. I watch so I can help in the way he teaches and not confuse with how I might do it differently. After the video the student does a work sheet. Rarely do I have to help. They do a work sheet/day. Sometimes they do A, B, and C but other times just A is needed because they understand. I have them do D, E, F because those are review over everything. Sometimes we finish in a week, other times we need all 7 days (6 lessons + test).

    We have yet to finish a level in a school year, but it works great to continue through the summer (just a couple days/week) so the start of the year, in a new book is smooth and things are not forgotten.

    We really like MUS the video instruction has been great and the kids like that if they forget they can go back and rewatch to refresh. I am learning math that makes sense (I grew up doing Saxon, and MUS makes more sense to me, LOL)


    We work on each unit as long as necessary so I don’t schedule how much time we will spend on each unit. Sometimes, it’s 2 days. Other times 1 unit may take 2 weeks. I don’t rush it.

    I watch the video with my daughter and then she works somewhat independently until she’s mastered the new concept. I make sure I am always available during math time-no phone calls, showers, exercising, etc. during that time. She needs my help quite often but does work independently the majority of the time.

    I see no need for the tests since I already know how my child is doing from the regular daily work. When the kids were younger, I just didn’t use the text booklet.

    We live in Florida and are required to turn in a yearly evaluation given by a certified teacher and to keep a portfolio that holds a sampling of each student’s work from throughout the year. My evaluator told me that I could just keep the test booklet (which fits nicely in the portfolio) and throw the main workbook away once we are finished with it. Since then, I cross out page F for each lesson and we do the test instead. The systematic review pages are pretty much the same  thing as the test so I just switch them out instead of requiring more work from my daughter.



    My kids generally watch the video and complete pages A, B, D, and E.  If they get the material quicker, we may only do pages A and D.  If they need more time on the material, I add in pages C, F, and the test.  Sometimes we’ve had to add in extra pages from the website.  We usually complete the unit tests as well.

    As far as how much they accomplish per day, it depends on the lesson.  Sometimes they complete 2 pages per day (or 1 page plus the video).  Other lessons take longer and they only complete 1 page (front and back) per day.  A lesson on reading thermometers will go much quicker than a lesson on long division.  My DC tend to slow down when they reach the end of a book since the lessons are often more challenging than at the beginning of the book.

    MUS is one thing I don’t plan ahead on.  I use the grade record sheet found in the workbook to keep track of where each child is.  There is no way to know how much time they will need to spend on each lesson, so I tend to follow their lead on that.


    Thank you everyone for sharing your pacing! It has helped to envision what this is gonna look like!

    One more question, do YOU correct the pages (for 4th and 5th and 6th graders) or do they correct the pages themselves>?


    My daughter and I correct her math together. She reads out her answers and I tell her whether they are correct or incorrect. We usually correct any wrong answers.

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