Question about Scripture Memory – Really Long Passages

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    I was thinking of working on an entire book (Colossians) for the year. It was recommended to do 2 verses per week and review as you go. We’ve been using the SMS recommended here for a long time, very successfully and have memorized many short passages and some entire psalms, but never an entire book. I’m wondering how to structure it to use our sucessful system. Any thoughts will be appreciated.

    I was thinking of perhaps printing Colossians 1 book at a time with verses numbered line by line and using that somehow in our box.





    I think that is a fantastic idea. Colossians is such a wonderful book, very practical for everyday life application. I say go for it!




    Thanks for the encouragement, Lindsey. Any ideas about how to structure it to use our SMS – daily, odd/even, Su-S, 1-31 – breakdown? 

    Sonya Shafer

    Would it work to break it into paragraphs? One paragraph per card. Or even one chapter per card, maybe.

    The tough part is that you would be reciting them backwards as you progress through the breakdown. Would it work to switch the order of the breakdown just while you’re working on Colossians? So do 1-31 first, then week, then odd/even, then Daily, trying to keep the paragraphs in order and put the new one last. 

    I’m sure there are some little tweaks you would have to do to make it run smoothly, but that’s the glimmer of the idea. Smile

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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