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    I am planning to read or have my daughter read Self Knowledge Student addition from SCM this upcoming year.  She will be in 9th grade, so I was going to have her read 2x a week.  My question is that I have an upcoming 6th grader also, who will begin it the following year in 7th. I wanted to read it with my daughter and then with my son, but think it might be more efficient to just read it to both of them together this year.  So my question is whether or not it is too mature for a 6th grade boy.  I wouldn’t say he is the most mature boy, but he is bright and attentive and I think he would “get it.”  Or would it just be nice to have this one-on-one time with my daughter, who probably could use my extra attention at this time in her life.  But I could also find other ways to focus on her.  A lot of factors I know.  I am not sure I will be interested in reading the book 2 years in a row.  I suppose that is o.k., ds could use it in 8th grade.  I could also just give to dd to read on her own.  But I think it is one that lends itself to discussion and reading together might work better for that.  Anyway, any help would be appreciated.


    I read it with my older daughters together and will start soon with my younger set. I do not have any sons.

    I am all for being efficient, but think about your children for a minute. What are your goals for them this year? If they are at different places emotionally and in thinking levels, it might be easier to do it separately. I know it is a repeat book for you, but it is a lovely book that really might cause your daughter to reflect and think in ways your son is not ready for yet.

    My oldest would come to me later and say things like “I was thinking about what we read in Ourselves yesterday, and I think that I need to….” Those conversations were priceless as she was processing those ideas and deciding who she wanted to become.

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