Queen's Math Copy Work?

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    I have wondered if this idea works or if it would only frustrate my kids being more writing that they have to do. If it were really working, though, I guess it would be worth it.

    Any experience with copying math facts?

    I tried it with my oldest son and he cried having to write that much more.  What worked good for us, is Times Tales, but its only multiplication for 3-9 tables.

    Christine Gayfer

    I was really interested in this book, as well as some of their other supplies, but their shipping prices are extremely expensive to Canada.  I don’t really understand it, as I order all the time from the US and to ship one book generally costs in the neighbourhood of $3.  I would love to hear other opinions of this method.  Is it simply copying times tables or is there something more? 

    You can buy some of their supplies on different sites.  I know Rainbow Resource has some of their books and also Timberdoodle.


    I ordered the book from Queens and tried it with my 8yo ds. It was very cumbersome for him and only wrought frustration.  However, I’ve heard of others who love this method. I would say it depends on the child.

    IMO, the book from Queens is overrated. If you wanted to give it a whirl you could easily write down the math facts for your dc to copy without ordering the book. The book looks like this:

    Page 1 –





    It goes on in this exact manner with each fact all the way through division.



    Christine Gayfer

    Thanks for the info CSMamma.  I am glad that I didn’t fork over the nearly $40 CDN that it would have cost me at the time to order!


    Here is another great option if you want something you do not have to write out yourself.  Go to Graham Family Ministry and click on Copying the Facts. It is $5!!! And you can just print the page you need each day. Or better yet print and put in a plastic sleeve and use a dry erase marker.


    I bought Caluladders Masterpak 1 cd-rom  for $20. It includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. It has been working really well and I can print as many sheets as I need. I have the children copy the math facts from these pages a couple times a week.

    They move through the levels as they learn more facts – they actually like it since it’s like a timed game and the have to beat the clock. Only takes about 5 minutes daily except when they copy the facts.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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