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    Has anyone used the Queen study guides for history or literature? I’m curious as to what is in them that adds to the children’s ability to narrate what they have learned.




    We’re in the process of using the history guide for Theras and His Town (A study about life in Ancient Greece) and we enjoy it so far. Although we are only a few lessons into it. I will copy for you Lesson 1 in the guide so that you can see an example. I am assuming the other history guides follow suit.

    Lesson 1:

    1. Read Chapter 1

    2. The first section of the book takes part in the city of Athens, Greece. Find the city on your map. Make a copy of the map in the back of this study guide, paste it in your notebook, and mark the city of Athens on it.

    3. Begin a glossery section in your notebook. In a dictionary, look up the word, “pedagogue”, and define it in your dictionary.

    4. In Chapter 1, Theras’ lyre is described as a beautiful little greek harp. In an encyclopedia or other resource book, or on the internet, find a picture of a lyre, and sketch it in your notebook.

    5. On a picture of Theras’ lyre, there was a picture of the Greek god, Apollo. Research what the ancient Greeks believed about the many gods they worshiped. What does the Bible say about all these gods? In a concordance, find a verse that tells us what the one true God has to say bout worshiping false gods, and copy the verse into your notebook.

    Lesson 2 and so forth follows the same sort of path, with looking up things and adding them to your notebook. Although we have done it a bit differently adding copywork and narration. I’ll let you know how it goes the further we get into it, if you’re still interested.

    Hope this helps

    In Him,



    Thanks Heather,

    This looks like the Beautiful Feet guides we’ve used in the past for history. I especially appreciate you typing in the lesson; it really helped me.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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