Queen Homeschool Discovering History & Science/Nature

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  • 4myboys

    Has anyone used Queen Homeschool Science or History at the high school level?

    Would the Science Courses be sufficient for a credit course, or would they be more supplemental to something else?

    How do the history guides compare to SCM?


    We used Every Herb-Bearing Seed as a 1 semester health credit.

    My daughter tried the Chemistry, but stopped because it was too easy for her.

    Tamara Bell

    I cannot speak to Queen’s history however SCM history guides are written with living books already scheduled for you.  These books have been read and passed our high standards, include biographies, literature, speeches and documents from the period, and more.  There are not busy worksheets, true/false, etc.  Instead, students are required to narrate (oral and written) about what they learned…what they took away from the reading.  Because of this, relationships are formed with people and events in history.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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