primary language or simply grammar?

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    Do I need to choose one or the other, Language Lessons or Simply Grammar? Would it be over kill if I use both? I would love to hear a comparison- what did you like or not like about each one? My kids are 9,7 and 4.


    From what I see, Simply Grammar covers just that, grammar. There are some pictures in it and you could do a “picture study”, but Language Lessons has a variety of language arts in it, not just grammar. We switched to Sandi Queen’s Language Lessons (for the Very Young, Young Child and Elementary Child–she also has one for middle school age). They are in color, the book is bigger and the child can write in the book. She modeled them after the Serl’s Language Lessons books.

    If a child needed to focus just on grammar, Simply Grammar is sweet and gentle. But if you’re wanting to cover more of the area of language arts, Language Lessons is wonderful. We just liked the convenience and color of the Queen’s!

    I’m sure you’ll get more feedback!



    Sonya Shafer

    I felt like Simply Grammar was more on a fourth grade level. For your age kids, you might want to stick with Language Lessons or English for the Thoughtful Child, Books 1 and 2, by Cyndy Shearer.


    Thanks for the input. In looking for these books online, I discovered google books. Am I the last to know about it? I found full-text versions of several Emma Serl books, Ray’s Arithmetic(which I have been interested in but didn’t want to buy without seeing a bit of it), and Practical Lessons in the use of English, by Mary Hyde, which I think was the original English for the Thoughtful Child. If I end up using a book, I will definitely buy a hard copy, but this is a great way to preview it, and print a few pages to “try out” on the kids.


    I am interested in any comparisons anyone can give me between English for the Thoughtful Child and Language Lessons for the Elementary Child. My dd will be 8 in July and entering “3rd grade.”

    Also Genevieve, how did you access Google books? I tried, but what I found doesn’t sound like what you found.

    Thanks in advance for your input and help–Faith 🙂


    From click on “more” in the upper left menu. A new menu will scroll down from there, choose “books”. You can search for books, and if you choose “full view” then you will just get the books that are online in entirety. You can also create your own library to bookmark your favorites.

    I hope this is clear enough.

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