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    so we have started  with Delighful Reading with my 6 year old. I have put out “at” and added letters, wrting them on the board, having him rearrange them and trying to make the words.  Today, day three of these words he is still unsure of reading them. One time I think he gets it and the next i do not.  Do I spend a few more days on this until I am sure he can read these words, or do I move on?



    Karen Smith

    It may be that he’s not quite ready to learn to read. I would put it away for a month or two, then try again, keeping the lessons relaxed and interesting, with no pressure to perform.

    It is not unusual for some children, particularly boys, to not be ready to learn to read until they are a bit older.


    I have found that if I put the words on the board and just say them over and over and he repeats them (like a game) it is more engaging to him.  This is definetly not his favorit subject. And we do about ten minutes if that.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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