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  • I didn’t see a place for off-topic or praises, but I just have to PRAISE THE LORD! Yesterday around 5:00 p.m. our 8 yodd ran in and told us our barn was on fire! After calling 911, I ran out and helped the girls get the goats out of the barn (we have rabbits, too, but they weren’t in immediate danger). We are SO grateful as one of the firefighters told my dh that we were “lucky”–they usually lose barns like this because it gets out of control so quickly. Praise the Lord we live close to town!

    It’s a royal mess–lost our hay as they had to douse it good tomake sure it wouldn’t ignite again. The cause was a heat lamp we had for our baby goats–they tend to knock it around, and apparently it ignited some wood or hay nearby.

    We are just so grateful that there was no structural damage, that the weather is warmer (dh had to cut the electric to the barn, plus there is now a big hole on one side where they cut it to get all the hay out), and that there was no loss of human or animal life!

    Yesterday I had posted on the SCM blog about Sonya’s new planning series–this is the kind of thing that really derails your plans! 😀 I’m sure we can turn it into many learning opportunities!

    Thank you for letting me share–we know our God is watching over us, and He cares about the sparrows, as well as rabbits and goats! Also, if this had happened in the night…we probably would have lost the barn and animals, and since the barn is close to our house, we could have been in danger, too.

    God is good! Thank You, Lord!

    REJOICING in Him!



    Praising the Lord with you, Trisch!



    I would love to see a prayer forum or off chat forum.

    Anyways, Praise the Lord for His protection!!


    Sonya Shafer

    Trisch, thanks so much for posting this praise! We join you in thanking God for being so gracious to your family!

    Side note: I’ve moved this thread here to Let’s Chat. Feel free to use this forum for prayer requests and praises or other things you’d like to chat about.



    Praise God! It’s so refreshing to see someone who is not defeated by something like this, but chooses to praise God for the important stuff! You truly are an inspiration!

    Faith 🙂

    Thank you for your thoughts and rejoicing with us! Dh and I were talking–he said FIVE minutes would have made the difference between saving the barn and losing it–we were that close. And we had originally made plans to go to a friend’s house out of town for the day on that day, but then had changed it to Friday. More “providential Providences”! (or “Godincidence”, as someone coined the term!)

    I am so very grateful God watched over us all! I have a mixture of emotions–gratitude it wasn’t worse, sadness that it happened at all, and the overwhelmedness of how very bad it could have been. I think some of us are still in almost unbelief it really happened, until we go out the back door! The gaping hole is on the house side, so it’s quite visible!

    And it’s sparked us revisiting our “fire plans” for the house–possibly getting some ladders for upstairs, getting new decals from the fire station, educating the little ones what to do…all those things we did with the older children when they were younger, but just haven’t taken the time to do it again. It just got bumped up on the priority list! 😉

    Another interesting thing through all of this….dh said he had had a thought about unplugging the heat lamp since the nights weren’t as bitter cold. We discussed how sometimes, God gives us these “thoughts”, but we don’t always understand and listen. I recalled a time I felt an “inclination” to go one way to the store, but thought to myself, “No, that would take longer.” Then I got rear-ended! No one was hurt, but I realized that sometimes that is the “still, small voice”! Unfortunately, in our noisy world, it’s hard to recognize it!

    So today, oldest dd was putting a pen in her Bible cover for church, and had a thought to put another one in. She almost didn’t, but then thought about our discussion, so she put it in. During church, dh couldn’t find his pen and asked…guess who?…if she had an extra one! 🙂

    I pray we can be sensitive to His voice in *all* areas of life!

    Our new “verse”:

    “…we went through fire and through water: but Thou broughtest us out into a wealthy place.” Ps. 66:12

    And maybe our new hymn will be “God Leads Us Along” (Some through the fire, some through the flood… 😀 )


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