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    Practical Homeschooling has posted their 2012 Reader Awards Ballot and there are a bunch of SCM products nominated this year. Please take a few minutes to rate the products you’re familiar with, both from SCM and others.

    A few of our products are mis-named or in an unexpected category. Here are the ones listed:

    • Laying Down the Rails is in the Domestic Science category.
    • Our history handbooks are listed as Family Study Handbook series in the Unit Studies category.
    • 106 Days of Creation Studies is listed as “106 Days of Christian Studies” is in the Bible Curriculum section instead of science. For some reason this has been misnamed three years in a row. We’ll try to get it corrected again.
    • Delightful Handwriting is in the Handwriting category.
    • Spelling Wisdom is in the Spelling category.
    • Stories of America/Stories of the Nations is in the History category.
    • Picture Study Portfolios are in the Art Appreciation category.



    Done! 🙂


    I did it as well =)


    off to do that now!!


    Yay!  We LOVE SCM books!


    I voted too!

    Doug Smith

    I’m happy to report that they’ve fixed the listing for 106 Days of Creation Studies. It now has the correct title and appears in the Elementary Science category.

    Doug Smith

    Just a reminder that there are only a few days left to vote if you haven’t already. We encourage you to go vote for your favorite homeschool products whether they are from SCM or not. Not only is it a great help to others looking for curriculum, but voting also makes you eligible for the prizes they are giving away.

    Some products were moved around when the listings were corrected a while back. Here is the current list of SCM products and which section they are in:

    • Our six history handbooks are listed as “Family Study Handbook series” under the Unit Study section.
    • “Delightful Handwriting” is in the Handwriting section.
    • “Spelling Wisdom” is in the Spelling section.
    • “Stories of America” and “Stories of the Nations” are listed together in the History section.
    • “106 Days of Creation Studies” is in the Elementary Science section.
    • Our Picture Study Portfolios are listed in the Art Appreciation section.
    • “Laying Down the Rails” is in the Domestic Science section.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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