Possible spine for module 5

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    I recently came across an ebook publication that I’ve begun using with my ds for early american history.  It’s arrranged by J. Anne Huss at The Simple Homeschool website.  She has compiled text from several older history books, for example “History of the United States and its People”, by Edward Eggleston (1888), “The Story of American History”, by Albert Frankin Blaisdell (1900), and other books as well.  These are books I really like, and even own some, but could never figure out a good way to use them.  The text includes history, plus many multi-page biographies, and it’s all really interesting! 

    Like I said, it’s an ebook, so after purchasing you download it and print it out, and put it in a binder.  There are some pages at the end of each unit to check for comprehension (True, False, fill-in-the-blank, etc), but you could just not print those out.  There are also additional assignments of a wide variety, if you need/want ideas. 

    The current book goes through the constitution, but I she’s working on more.   There’s an Upper School level (we have this one), and an elementary level (have not seen this, so I don’t know if it’s similiar to the one we have).

    Anyway, I just wanted to share this in case it’s helpful to anyone.  I’d looked for a spine for a long time, and was really happy to find this one…it’s just what I wanted. 🙂

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