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    Im new to CM and want to do their history 6 year program.  I will have a 9th, 7th, 3rd and 1 year old who I will adventually do this with too.  I do not know which book to start in and is it possible to do the 6 year course with my 9th grader working through summers for her to finish it all by 12th grade?  I did want to do some government with the elections coming up this year.. Please help thanks so much!


    I would suggest starting with Ancient Rome and just continuing on from there, one book per year. That will get you through the last 4 books of 6. No need to try to squeeze all 6 in. Modern and American history is probably the most important for high school, and then when she graduates, you can begin over again with ancient history.

    Or, if you want to begin with Early Modern and Modern history because of the elections, you could begin there and then just keep going. As long as you fit the modern books in somewhere when she’s in high school, I think you could pretty much do whatever you want.


    I agree with above ideas. I would not try to squish 6 years into 4 especially at the highschool level when expectations for other classes have also increased. It also give the opportunity to add in Gov and Civics and other subjects of interest with out overloading.

    If you want to include some of the books from guides missed, you can always add them in for literature over the course of highschool years.


    We plan to do 6 years in 4. Mostly because my daughter cannot bear to not begin at the beginning. I intend to do two lessons a day for two years. Then one lesson a day. It wont be as neat and tidy as I want, the history and Bible in the first two books are not an even split. They are heavier on Bible. I plan to do Bible Daily and history most days. I will just plug along. Junior year we will start Early Modern even if we don’t quite finish Middle Ages because a full credit of American History is required here. I hope to apply some of the books toward her literature credit and some toward history. I will spread out her readings over a semester rather than a year, cutting where needed. Its not ideal, but I have spent hours upon hours searching for a history curriculum that is right for us and SCM is the only one I love. We wint even discuss the mo ey I have wasted trying the new best thing….


    We will begin module 5 of 6 in SCM Bible, History & Geography in the fall. You are right in that history and Bible are not an even split in the first two modules, but it is well worth it to complete all of the Bible and history there; we (so) enjoyed the books that accompany those lessons!  When we arrived at module 3 the Bible readings/plans were lessened. We actually only did SCM Bible as the plan goes, once or twice per week. We then dove into our own Bible studies on the other days each week. If your oldest will commit to some extra reading, you might be able to fit it all in. If I had to do all 6 in 4 years I would probably go out of order; I know that is not ideal if you want things in chronological order, but living history with a book of centuries is not memorization, and I find we retain what we learn. I would complete Module 1 in the first year with module 3 during summer/break. Then module 2 the second year with module 4 during summer/break, Now you would be on track to get your Early Modern and Modern for junior and senior years, with any government that you might add in. I would definitely have your oldest 2 keep a book of centuries, just for a visual time line.

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