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    “I think the most important thing to remember is they just enjoy my presence in the midst of their play.  I LOVE to hear my kids playing happily as I keep an eye and ear open for anything needed.”

    I think Charlotte called this “masterly inactivity.”  Smile

    Yup, I remember Charlotte writing that too. Thanks for remembering to refer to it as masterly inactivity. 🙂


    Is is bad to  say sometimes I just get this glazed over look when playing with my kids. I loose myself in what needs to be done in the house. Then all of a sudden I am awakened by a child asking me a question. Ummm? I don’t know, what person was I again? I am ok with puzzles as long as it is around 50 peices or less. Games are ok as long as I know how to play them. Forget it if I have to look at the directions or they are complicatied. I was amazed that my sons would not even read directions and could play the game. Wow, what a concept!

    I wish I could be a better mother. 🙂 sigh!   Fact is I am glad I am not the only one who is feeling this way! Thanks everyone for making me feel like 1 million bucks!   Bless you all! 🙂  

    O,K,  Note to self….  Play with children and act interested! Wow alot! Show enthusiasm… Ok now to remember all this by tomarrow and do it…. Hmmm O.K.  Will try really hard! 🙂 LOL

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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