Plans for Fall 2023

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    Let’s chat about fall plans. I think mine are made;)


    Here are my plans! I’ve ordered most of it alot is a continuation of what we’ve been using. I am going to try to make SCM style lesson plans for my kids to follow for their individual studies.

    Continuing with

    RightStart math for 4 students most are between levels so we will do G/H, E/F, B/C, and A.

    Calculadders for all kids (math drill)

    All About Spelling levels 1, 4 (probably into 5), and 5

    All About Reading 2/3 for 2nd grader

    Foundational Phonics letter Master for K4 (this is a good bridge between AAR pre and 1)

    Simply Charlotte Mason History Matthew through Acts and Ancient Rome this includes European geography everybody will do this

    Just reading Our Star Spangled Story pt 2. 2nd, 5th, 7th. The bigs read it to little. I know it’s “below level” for 2 but it’s just exposure and Rome is our focus. Oldest burns out really fast on school and America the Beautiful just looks long and dense for him….

    Simply Charlotte Mason Enrichment trying out the year 3 plan… I’ve always just done it on my own but with a baby I thought a plan may be nice. We may sub out some artists though

    Reading books I pick for literature

    SCM outdoor secrets science I’ve done this before for 2nd grade and K4

    Apologia land animals with notebook for 5th grader she loved botany this year

    Trying out

    Berean Builders science in the atomic age for 7th grader

    Writeshop B and E for 2nd, 5th, and 7th

    Analytical Grammar original edition for 5th and 7th

    Spanish for children for 5th

    SCM copybook readers for 2nd

    Montessori grammar symbols 2nd and 7th mostly

    I’m not good at assigning written narrations or writing across the curriculum so we’re trying a writing program…. we’ll see how it goes. The 2nd graders Grammer will be informal. I’ll just teach verbs nouns…as far as we get with his copywork. All the kids take turns doing oral narrations during family Bible and history time.


    Continue with A Year of Playing Skillfully for PreK or do Wee Folk Art? I was going to do Wee Folk Art but now I’m leaning toward AYOPS. I have both….


    I love planning and reading others plans!

    I am mostly settled on most things…

    Family Studies:

    SCM Modern Times

    Literature – pick and choose, definately trying out the Jame Eyre discussion guide.

    Poetry – Wheaton and Whittier

    Composer – Joplin and ????

    Artist – Monet, Millet, Van Gogh

    Handicraft – watercolor, sketching, paper

    Language – Latin and Greek roots with English from the roots up, Rosetta Stone German

    12th Grader:

    Math – review

    Dave Ramsey Personal Finance

    Language Arts – McGuffey, Analytical Grammar, Narrations, Essays maybe use Lost Tools of Writing or Wordsmith

    Rosetta Stone Korean

    Home Economics with mom

    9th Grader:

    Math U See

    Discovering Design with Earth Science

    Language Arts – McGuffey, ULW/SW, narrations

    We are planning a move this year so we may end up going bare minimum for a bit – math, language arts, and family reading. But that is the plan for now.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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