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    I’m going to do modern American history this year. This is the first year I’m planning it out myself. I’m excited but also a little nervous. 😟 I ordered Stories of America and the narration cards and then I’ll add read-alouds, etc. from book lists. Do most of you use the CM planner? I was watching some of the videos about it and it looks great. But I’m more of a paper and pencil gal. Any suggestions? Maybe I should just try the free subscription to start? I like to have a page in front of me. Can you print the daily schedule? I even thought of trying a bullet planner, but would that work for planning school work?

    Rachel White

    Yes, you print a daily schedule. I put everything on paper before transferring to the planner. There were some planning pages from a few years I used first, then put the resources into the Organizer.


    I am a paper and pencil girl. I have tried multiple electronic planners, but always go back to a simple weekly schedule that I created, and print, from xcel. I fill it out one week at a time. Days of the week across the top and subjects down the left side with schedule written in for each of the kids.

    Even when I went electronic I ended up writing it too, and that just seemed silly to basically enter things twice.

    To track subjects and books we read I have another spreadsheet in excel that I type up at the start of the year, all subjects and planned books to read. As we complete books, I highlight the books and if we add more I pencil them onto my printed sheet. At the end of the school year I update the spreadsheet in the computer and print out for each of the kids portfolios. It works great and is so easy!

    I also have a basic “attendance/grade sheet” so that I can mark off subjects completed each day and have a year  a glance for their portfolios as well.

    I think electronic planners are great, but I like to plan a week at a time with paper and pencil. But then again I don’t use electronic calendars for myself either, just regular paper calendars, haha


    Thank you both!

    Sarah, I’m exactly the same! Lol. I don’t even use the calendar on my phone. But I do use my reminders app. 😊

    I sat down with my husband the other night and went through all the things I’d like to do, which was so helpful. We’ve never really done that together before. We came up with a loose schedule of what to do and in what order. I’m going to type it up with spaces for dates and day count to keep track of how many days we school. I’ll have extra spaces to write in extra things we do and a spot for notes. I’ll print out a bunch and even use the extra spaces for future planning, i.e., next Tuesday – field trip.

    I’ve always just kept a dated planner and written down things as we did them, but this will be nice to help keep us on track and keep a record.

    I’m going to try this for now, tweak as needed and see how it goes!



    My comment isn’t about the planner…

    We are also doing Modern American History this year.  I purchased SCM’s Early Modern lesson plans because it adds so much stress when I’m trying to choose my own books.  It’s ok if you do, I’m not saying you shouldn’t…

    I just wanted to say that I love their lesson plans!  We haven’t started our school year yet but I have scheduled history in the SCM planner (my first year, too) and created book lists in my library website so I know what I need to purchase and what I can quickly order from inter-library loan.  It has removed a lot of my stress.  If it goes well for you to plan your own that’s great.  Just wanted to put a good word in.  🙂



    Thanks, LauraLee! I appreciate your good word. I may end up getting those plans too if things don’t pan out the way I hope. 😏 We’re starting next week, after one last holiday weekend. 😁


    In case anyone is still looking, Cultivate What Matters just released a free printable planner with some great big-picture resources and places for monthly happy memories- the company does great work!

    And if anyone is looking for scope and sequence-style templates, A Delectable Education is a WONDERFUL resource: http://www.adelectableeducation.com/form-schedules/


    Also, you might enjoy 5 Steps to Successful Planning over at Total Home Makeover.

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